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Monday, June 4, 2012

MyDay: Popping BIG question on 1,666.7 ft height

taipei-101-sunset propose

It was our family trip to Taiwan and yet I have never imagined it will be our memorable romantic trip… Finally I find my knight ♥♥♥

Yes…it’s not an Eiffel Tower, yet…it was not in Europe

There’s no wine, no roses but we have our sweet bubble tea

Being proposed on one of the top of the world’s highest structure is super darn romantic ( tho we don’t have anyone who help us to capture that moment…hahaha). The twinkling lights of Taipei city become our witness and the most important is HIM. *blushing*

It was such a funny yet romantic moments…awkward, funny, happy, romantic…yeay…that’s my feeling at that time…hahhaha…here’s the scenario:

We shopped a lot in Jiu Fen, and my dad’s friend drove us to Taipei 101 after our BIG shopping. He told us he didn’t want to go up to 101 Taipei so ended up he waited for us inside the shopping mall. Feeling uneasy, Dz and me decided to get our shopping bags from his car so he can go home earlier without need to wait for us.

So we went up to Taipei 101 with lots of things on hand…(and who the hell will know that he will popped up that BiG question with lots of things on our hand, I was really like an Obasan at that time hahah--- so not a romantic scene lol). He kept busy taking pictures from the windows while I kept nagging ask him to go to one level below to meet our parents (afraid that they have waited for us too long). Suddenly he asked me to come beside him and asked me whether I love him or not and spontaneous I answered him “ yes I do love your MONEY” (this is how we joke with each other). He laughed and opened the box towards me…” Dear, will you….eeee…noooo…you MUST marry me…dear”

I laughed yet I felt super happy (and I didn’t cry ok :D). He is my cute boy…watching his nervous face was priceless… And one more thing he DIDN’T kneel down…so I was the one who asked him to kneel down…(DUHHH!!!)

Well, he quietly knelt down and told me to marry him again(and it is a Must)…as I have no other option and it was like an obligation so i said, "yes , I do"  lol … ahhaha…joking joking..Absolutely I’m happy and willingly to become Mrs.Ng ehhee.

Another awkward moment was when I waited him to wear the ring on me and at the same time he waited me to wear it by myself (duh!!!).

Anyway…I’m one of the lucky girl who have promise ring, engagement ring and waiting for my wedding ring :D and of course lucky to have him as my children’s dad :D

Lots of love from Taipei 101,



PS. I will try to blog all my wedding preparation :D *cross finger * hahhaha

Myday: Born this way ball with Gaga

Love her performance tho we need to wait half an hour for her appearance (well…she is Lady Gaga).lady gaga singapore Never imagine that she is a sweet girl which you really cannot imagine that is Lady Gaga who always love to wear weird outfits. Like oldie said “ never judge a book from its cover”. Basically she love to preach hahaha… and I amazed with her secret talent…she really know how to touch your heart indirectly by her speech… anyway I do respect her more now :D

Here’s a little message for our lovely Indonesia lil monsters…. (and I was in that show to witness it hahah..lucky us ) anyway… it’s only Gaga and why they didn’t allow her to perform in Indo…I think it is quite ridiculous…come on, be real…she is only human and how can she spread the Satan’s things if you really know how to control yourself…it’s all back to your own personality…so please don’t blame other people while you yourself has a bad root to be a bad man. “Blaming someone is like having an itch on your head and scratching your bottom” – Ajahn Brahm

And here we goes…a lucky bday girl on Gaga’s concert :D

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