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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sharing : Unique concept in jail management and rehabilitation

Using a discipline and dancing as methods of rehabilitation is absolutely new and it only can be found in Cebu, Philippines which is called “Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre (CPDRC)”.  After  I saw the video of how they imitated “Michael Jackson, Thriler”, I’m just curious and want to know more bout the video and found out that all of them are people who are still in rehab program.
All I ever though that a rehab place is not a place that you can enjoy or maybe said that a jail is a place that no one want to go or let’s say that it is just like a “earth’s hell”.  But who ever though that this brilliant Byron Garcia came out to this super unique concept. Actually he can easily get a public comfortable  career as he is a son of former Cebu Governor. But still he chose to be with the thugs of the society, the dangerous men of society and even in a thankless and demeaning job.
01 I like the way he think about rehabilitation…
- Rehabilitation is not rehabilitation when it is anchored on punitive action. Byron believes that rehabilitation has to be anchored on compassion so that a sinner can be separated from the sin, so the degenerate from the culture and humanity be regenerated into the humane.
"Rehabilitation has to be anchored on bringing out the best in men instead of the worst in men", Byron says. Certain that his new concept of Rehabilitation in jails is effective,  Byron is confident that its impact would eventually spill over into a rehabilitated society. If rehabilitation is ineffective in jails, then any society into which hardened criminals are released and re-integrated, seals itself and closes in on its doom. "If we make jails a living hell for these inmates, then we might just be turning out devils once they are released" Byron says! -

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fashion Alert : Grimoire Japan 2nd anniversary ~ Dolly Kei Party

This is the first time I write about Japan fashion and hope you guys enjoy it ♥

Celebrating their 2nd anniversary, Dolly-kei boutique – Grimorie Tokyo – held a party at Cafe x Lounge Microcosmos. Everyone dressed as coiffed dollies (girls) and guys come out in droves to celebrate it. They way they celebrate was quite unique cause they celebrated it by watching World Cup live accompanied by sweet tooth cakes, muffins and cookies. Other than that, magic show by Masaki Yamamoto and pole dancer Tokyo Dolores were also part of the party.

I don’t think we can call this an inspiration fashion, cause we can’t wear it here (read: Singapore). I mean yes you can… and of course you will sweating (unless you are in air-con room), anyway cosplay will be held in Singapore soon ~I read it from newspaper…will blog it later :)


Inspired by Scotland? haha :P

2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-009-600x399♥ I love the watch and the flower wristband ♥









look…the BIG brooch >.<


                 Heart the kimono…kawaiii… ---->


-Bunch of cute gals :)-


                                - Selca-

2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-055-600x399 2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-057-600x400  2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-062-600x9002010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-066-600x900 2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-063-600x400

fyen[8]   More pictures …

Sharing : Renews marriage vows on their 72 years anniversary

“May this day shine eternally in your lives.
May it add brilliance to every achievement and cast a divine light over any misfortune.
May you care for each other in all sadness.
May you give cheer to each other.
May you give vitality to each other in all undertakings.
May all that is virtuous, beautiful and honest, remain with you always”
A wish from a dying man, Vernon McAlister,to renew his wedding vows with his 72 years beloved wife, Sue. (ooo…so romantic). A simple ceremony has been held at Hospice of Upstate in Anderson Country, South Carolina, USA.
After having a dream that his wife wanted to marry him again, Mr McAlister asked the nurses to help him stay alive a few more days so they could celebrate their 72nd anniversary together.
Mr McAlister broke his hip three weeks ago and doctors expect him to live just a few more days. They married when he was 20 (now 93) and she was 15( now 87) and they first met when they worked on Vernon’s father’s farm in South Carolina.
'My father told me she would make a good wife,' he said.
'I couldn’t have imagined how right he was. She is just purely wonderful. She is a jewel.' (ooo..so sweet :)
Two years ago Sue survived a battle with stomach cancer and credits her husband's support as crucial.
Mrs McAlister said: 'He has taken care of me my whole life.'
'He has loved me and respected me and cherished me the way he said he would when I was just a young girl and he was just a young man.
'There is nothing to be nervous about when you are walking toward the person you love with your whole heart.'
Mr McAlister is a retired agronomist and the couple have five children together.
Their sons Tony, Phil, Van and Don McAlister and daughter Anita Floyd were all present at the ceremony.
'They are a testament to love,' said Floyd.
The ceremony was conducted by family friend Bill French who told the couple they were an example to the world.
'When you took those vows all those years ago no one could have known how long that walk together would be,' said Mr French.
'You have fulfilled your promise and God is smiling.'
It is very rare to see young people to do such commitment. Divorce and marriage seems like a very common things now ( I’m a young people:P, I wish to have an eternal love like they do, still hold hand in hand together on our old time :)
This story just remind me of my grandpa en grandma…they love each other as well until their last day :)
“Although death cannot tear them apart…
Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy…”

Fashion Inspiration : Madame Hawke Spring Palette 2010

Designer Emily Miller-Sharma with her label Madame Hawke and the collection, titled simply Day, was inspired by the 1920's barnstormer; with aviator details mixed in with the lace prairie frocks and twenties-inspired tap pants. And I just heart all of them…a very simple design, elegant and love the soft color :D (Absolutely get inspiration from here :) Let’s look on their lookbook Spring 2010

madamehawkss2010l1 madamehawkss2010l2 madamehawkss2010l4 madamehawkss2010l5 madamehawkss2010l8 madamehawkss2010l12 madamehawkss2010l14 madamehawkss2010l18 madamehawkss2010l20 madamehawkss2010l22 madamehawkss2010l23 madamehawkss2010l29

fyen[8]For more pictures…

Friday, June 25, 2010

For Him Fashion : Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011

A new collections from LV…enjoy…

00030m 00080m1 

        -Lope the jacket -                      - I like this style :) -

00120m 00200m 00250m 00310m00330m 00400m 00520m

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