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Sunday, March 31, 2013

MyDay: 1 Day tour to Legoland

Since everybody were coming to Singapore to attend our wedding, then we planned to go to Legoland Malaysia the very next day ( super tired but the fun was still there :) hehehe..sort of my first honeymoon with entire family n friends lol...

The driver fetched us from our house around 11am ( that's the very good thing as we need not go to Woodlands and take a bus n bla bla bla...) and reached Johor Bahru around 12.30 noon.

Our itinerary:
1. We went makan at Bamboo Restaurant @ Taman Sentosa ( his favourite)
Address 1 Jalan Sutera Satu Taman Sentosa 80150. They are famous of "paper wrapped chicken". Super delicious with very reasonable price. 
Emperor’s Chicken @ Bamboo House

2. Legoland Malaysia around 1.30pm and we play all the games ( Lego more suitable for kids, but we did really enjoy ourselves there :)

3. Finally our dinner at Restaurant See Hai Taman Sentosa ( Jalan Sutera , Taman Sentosa) ... I always love their apple with sour plum juice and their satay grill chickeng wing, and try their grill blowfish ( If I'm not wrong hehe)

Notes: All tickets and transportation to Johor Bahru were arranged by Landak Services
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