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Friday, June 14, 2013

From Ms to Mrs: Mr.Ng's lil performance

He played and sang this song for me on our wedding day :)

Unfortunately I don't have his video with me huhuh.. ;(

I can't wait
by Runner Runner

The way you curse when we're in traffic
A million flavors of your chapstick
The that way you keep my heart captive
The Journey concert in SG
Remember we sang faithfully?
I still got that old hotel room key

This is the way I feel
Cause I can't wait for you to be my wife
To live this life, togetherAnd I won't let you go
I need you to know that you are my heart, forever
And on and on and on
The way you like to sing my songs
You always know when something's wrong
The way you say you miss me when I'm gone
The things you do to show you care
You're always down for truth or dare
Freeze this moment let me stop and stare
And nothing before was real
And this is the way I feel

And I can't wait for you to be my wife
To live this life, together
And I won't let you go
I need you to know that you're my heart, forever
And on and on and on
And we'll go on and on and on

For better or for worse
No matter how it hurts
You've got me to hold your hand
I promise you the world
And in your wedding dress
We'll dance 'til no ones left
Don't wanna blink my eyes, 
don't wanna miss a thing
I can't wait for you to be my wife
To live this life, together
And I won't let you go
I need you to know that you're my heart, forever
And I can't wait for you to be my wife
To live this life, together
And I won't let you go
I need you to know that you're my heart, forever
And on and on and on
And we'll go on and on and on


Note: I have the video with the moving lyrics without any music. So lemme know if you need it. I can send it to you :)

From Ms to Mrs: Our ROM

We did our ROM (Register of Marriage) on 26 Jan 2013 which is also Mr.Ng's bday :) . Actually we would like to choose 25 Dec as that's our anniversary but heard that the restaurant is usually fully booked and hard to find a solemnizer due to holiday.

I only have like half year to prepare everything since he proposed on May 2012. I choose no bridal and more towards DIY and Budget Bride and We DID it Yeayy... :)

Before we set any budget, we did the market research first. Asking around our family and friends.
Second, went to the wedding fair to do some price comparison.
Lastly, we set own budget on how much we were willing to spend on our wedding day.

For my case, as I mention before I didn't use any bridal for my both wedding banquets. My sweet Mr.Ng bought all my wedding dresses and evening gowns (so sweet of him). Of course, before I make that decision, I had done my homework n discussed with him.

Here's the details of ROM:
1. Venue
For morning solemnize : Outdoor of Peony Jade Clark Quay
ROM banquet             : Peony Jade Clark Quay
reason: we love the foods and the venue, easy to access and have an oriental tastes.

2. - Attire : Own attires
Bride's gown: Vera Wang VW35101
Groom's suit: Made-to-measure in Bangkok
   - Ring : Made-to-measure by my lovely daddy :)
   - Bouquet : DIY by my talented sis-in-law
   - Wedding Accessories : DIY by my talented sister - Beauteous Swarovski

3. Solemnizer : Dr Phua Tan Tee
I like the way he solemnised our wedding...I cried a lot...so touched with his words (tho my photographer told me Dr Phua will use the same speech whenever he do a solemnise, but still I like him and super recommended :) ) FYI, you need to make an advanced invitation for him, like 3 mths before your ROM cause he is quite famous in wedding forum as a recommended solemnizer.

4. Witness: Our both father
Because I do admire and respect my father a lot and I want him to involve in my biggest and most important day of my life. Always daddy's little girl :D

5. MUA: Ms. Lizza Octaviana Cheow
She is a lovely and beautiful MUA. I knew her from my sis-in-law. I love her morning make-up, cause the night time a lil bit too aunty (that's what my friends told me huhuhu but still love her make-up)

6. Nail: Ms. Ferty Law
My lovely friend who is also a talented MUA. Feel free to contact her as your MUA or manicurist

7. Photographer: Moments Inc
A super humble and professional photographer. Love to work with him for both our wedding banquets. In future, we will still going to use his services to capture our lil family's potraits. Super recommended photographer :)

8. Master Ceremony  : Adi's good friend (Mr. Ronald Chew and Ms. Denise Aw)
Event Organizer and gangs : My BFF - Ms. Indahwaty Seah (leader), Ms. Widiana Ng (came from HK for us), Ms. Silvia Leonardi (came from Sydney), Ms Evelyn Lim, Ms Jessica Viona (came from Jakarta)
They all are not an expert in this field but surprise surprise....They really knew how to handle everything and did it professionally.... BRAVO :)

9. Accommodation : Swissôtel Merchant Court  

Because it is near to our ROM venue and love the way they upgraded our room and how they celebrated our wedding and Adi's birthday by giving us some surprises.

Enjoy some pictures from our ROM :)

Balooonnnnn... :D
Our ROM's attires
Our Solemnizer : Dr Phua, Our Witnesses : Our Super-Daddy 
Our BIG Family n beloved friends <3 br="">
Our Gangnam dance in the middle of Clark Quay bridge -_-" FUNNN
for video click here

Peony Jade Clark Quay

My BFF : Ms.Indahwaty, Ms Widiana , Ms Silvia n Ms Phelini
(came all the way from far far away to SG just to attend our wedding...touched T^T)
Lil performance from him <3 nbsp="">
click here for video
Lil surprise for him as his bday present :D
for video click here
Surprise him with bday video n cake :D
Love this pic to the most :D

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sharing : When was the last time you said " 妈,我爱你 "

A simple inspirational video which will touch your heart and move your soul...

Love the way their teachers teach the kids how to show their love to their mom :) ~bravo
especially in this generation...
Even some kids also struggling to say the "three magic words" to their mother...
some have to read from paper...
I wish to be a Great mom one day and teach my children the meaning of Family
and force them to say " I love you Mom" or " I love you Dad" whenever they have a chance
huehueh *evil mom :P*
Joking...for sure I will love my children the most...:P

" To a child's ear, "Mother" is magic in any language " - Arlene Benedict

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