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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharing : Kitchen in Pink ♥

pink-kitchen01Superb feminine, girly kitchen…and bet me…u guys won’t like to come in hahaha..since you will think it is too girly and too gay hahaha :D. Tho, pink is not my fav color but I would like to have one kitchen like this hahaa…wondering, will they be nice in soft yellow color hehe…(but it is kinda difficult to fing kitchenware in yellow color haizzz ~ tat’s why I bought pink pan cause I can’t find yellow color one “-_- )
 pink-kitchen02 pink-kitchen03 pink-kitchen04 pink-kitchen05
Kitchenware in pink ♥
pink-kitchenware pink-kitchenware20  pink-kitchenware22 pink-kitchenware21

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book : Unique Cookbook from Ikea

Hembakat är Bäst means Homemade is best. With a very unique concept in featuring the ingredient and its finished outcome. All shot by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell.
IKEA_hembakat_02 IKEA_hembakat_04 IKEA_hembakat_07 IKEA_hembakat01  IKEA_hembakat_02IKEA_hembakat_08 IKEA_hembakat_09 IKEA_hembakat_10 IKEA_hembakat_12 IKEA_hembakat_14 IKEA_hembakat_20
What I can say is love the bright yet soft color and the way they laid out the ingredients…superb….

Myday: 101 faces of Brayden Orlando

~This was wat aunty and Brayden did before we went to bed haha…~brayden02 
~hahaha…flirty face hahha~
~tat bear called “Nina” so Brayden always call her Na..Na..Na… ~f02  f04
~he laughed, talked, giggled all by himself LOL~ (the phone was offline)
~when he asked for something~

Fashion Inspiration: Colorful Modern Hanbok

Need an inspiration for your wedding gown? You will love these all…love the colour and the concept…all these gorgeous fusion hanbooks are designed by Kim Min Jeong ( Hanbook Lynn)
One shoulder hanbook wedding gown :)
Traditional hanbook on top +wavy silk lovely colors skirt :D
For your daily gown inspiration…  
hanbok-lynn-korean-wedding-gownsfusion-hanbok-korean-wedding-fashionhanbok-lynn-korean-wedding-dress  hanbok-lynn-korea-wedding-gown

Monday, September 27, 2010

Myday: This is how we celebrate “Hari Raya”

We cook, we ate and we enjoyed :D
Curry mee hoon, Chicken Satay (too lazy to use stick on them:P), Chicken sausage wrap with bacon, Stuffed button mushroom, Toasted bread, Green tea, Green ruby (don’t have red coloring, so I use green tea instead since green is Hari Raya color haha:P) …too bad we don’t have group photo shoot..eniwei still have Depavali to come :D
lebaran 03lebaran06lebaran07 lebaran01
lebaran04 lebaran05  
fyen[8]All pictures by Wisanto , thanks for the great pictures en “sering-sering” ya :D

Fashion Inspiration: Rodarte S/S 2011

Love the copper color and its superb lipstick color rodarte3irodarte2  rodarte6 rodarte8 rodartedetail3 rodartedetail7 rodartedetail8
At glance, seems like a walking tree :D maybe bcause of the color but still heart it :D
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