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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharing : Kitchen in Pink ♥

pink-kitchen01Superb feminine, girly kitchen…and bet me…u guys won’t like to come in hahaha..since you will think it is too girly and too gay hahaha :D. Tho, pink is not my fav color but I would like to have one kitchen like this hahaa…wondering, will they be nice in soft yellow color hehe…(but it is kinda difficult to fing kitchenware in yellow color haizzz ~ tat’s why I bought pink pan cause I can’t find yellow color one “-_- )
 pink-kitchen02 pink-kitchen03 pink-kitchen04 pink-kitchen05
Kitchenware in pink ♥
pink-kitchenware pink-kitchenware20  pink-kitchenware22 pink-kitchenware21

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