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Friday, July 4, 2014

From Mrs to Mommy : My first breastfeeding experience

This is my funniest yet most embarrass story as a first time mommy with my first baby. When I was pregnant with my Lil Sky, I knew that I will breastfeed him since it is healthier, cheaper, easier and a big benefit for me to slim down hahaha... As a first time mommy, I foolishly thought that breastfeeding is an easy peasy- when baby is born, just latch him and you're done. ( Yeah...not a single person ever told me how difficult it is).

Unfortunately, when Sky is born, he needed to go to the NICU so I didn't have any chance to learn how to latch him from the nurse nor the lactation consultant. After Sky discharged and went home( Mommy discharged one day earlier) I tried to latch him with the help from my supportive husband. Guess what, we were in a BIG FAIL, three of us were sweating like having a big battle. Sky was screaming,twisting, crying and turning when I was trying to support his head, get the right position to latch-on but end up I was like a torturer-mommy. 

Husband and me kept pushing n offering my breast to him while he kept crying and pushing it away. A supposed to be skin-to-skin most memorable bonding time became scariest torturing breast time for our Lil Sky hahhaha... End up we gave up and I do pumping instead of latching. Sorry my lil Sky, mommy never meant to give you a hard time *still giggle whenever I recall that moment* In return of that horrible time, let Mommy gv you the yummiest kiss muachhhh.... Love you Sky and thanks for filling our hearts and life with so much Joy!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Myday: Our first wedding anniversary video

Another year has passed and today (26 Jan 14) we are celebrating our 1st anniversary together and your first birthday as a daddy with our bundle of Joy, Lil Sky Ng !

Ps: I always in tears whenever I watch this video :)

From Mrs to Mommy: And now I'm officially a Mommy :)♥

Been a while hahahha...and now I'm officially a Mommy..a mommy to my cutiepie Sky Ng :)
Lemme introduce my lil cutipie, his name is SKY SUCIPTO NG ( 02 Jan 2014) @ Mt. Alvernia Singapore.
Sky Ng
Hello World!!! The name sign was being made by NICU's sisters...They do really take a good care of Baby Sky❤❤❤ Thanks u Sisters ☺
P.S love the way they draw the stars n put some stickers on the paper 

Our lil Sky need to admit to NICU (Neonatal Intensice-care Unit) from the day he was born. I only saw him a glance while on operating room (and yes I was fly and under epidural at that time). Only able to kiss and carry him on day 2 when I visited him in NICU. The doctor put Sky inside NICU due to baby's heartbeat faster than normal. 

I cried when the first time I saw him sleeping inside the baby box surrounding by cables and tube. It really broke my heart. I can't help myself and I felt helpless. 

Doctor didn't know what trigger baby's heartbeat faster than normal so he did a X-ray on my newborn baby and also did some blood test TWICE. I really want to wag that doctor when I knew it. My hubby complained to the nurse why they need to take the blood twice. First day they took it for virus test and second day they took it for jaundice. Hello!!! Can't you just do it one shot? Lucky, the test showed none means baby is healthy just his heartbeat a lil bit faster. You can see how fast it is from below video.

Past few months have literally flown by!!! and now our healthy yet cute Sky is now 6 months old. Half-birthday!!!

 giggles in his sleep 
 follows objects with his eyes 
 tare-pandaing (rolls from back to tummy) 
 holds head up briefly 
 love to bite his lower lip 
 love to sing songs with mummy 
 fav song: Barney's "I love you" 
 love to take selfie with mommy 
 discovering his feet 
 finger licking good
 grabbing anything n everything within reach n put inside his mouth
 slowly figuring out solid food 
 can sit all by himself
More and MOREEE to come... n love you more!!! 
Sky sky makes our love stronger, 
the days shorter,
the nights longer,
saving smaller, 
and a home 
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