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Friday, July 4, 2014

From Mrs to Mommy : My first breastfeeding experience

This is my funniest yet most embarrass story as a first time mommy with my first baby. When I was pregnant with my Lil Sky, I knew that I will breastfeed him since it is healthier, cheaper, easier and a big benefit for me to slim down hahaha... As a first time mommy, I foolishly thought that breastfeeding is an easy peasy- when baby is born, just latch him and you're done. ( Yeah...not a single person ever told me how difficult it is).

Unfortunately, when Sky is born, he needed to go to the NICU so I didn't have any chance to learn how to latch him from the nurse nor the lactation consultant. After Sky discharged and went home( Mommy discharged one day earlier) I tried to latch him with the help from my supportive husband. Guess what, we were in a BIG FAIL, three of us were sweating like having a big battle. Sky was screaming,twisting, crying and turning when I was trying to support his head, get the right position to latch-on but end up I was like a torturer-mommy. 

Husband and me kept pushing n offering my breast to him while he kept crying and pushing it away. A supposed to be skin-to-skin most memorable bonding time became scariest torturing breast time for our Lil Sky hahhaha... End up we gave up and I do pumping instead of latching. Sorry my lil Sky, mommy never meant to give you a hard time *still giggle whenever I recall that moment* In return of that horrible time, let Mommy gv you the yummiest kiss muachhhh.... Love you Sky and thanks for filling our hearts and life with so much Joy!!!

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