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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are you glad you are a girl?

Just now I found one article regarding this topic and I think this topic is quite interesting as the writer and me has the same opinion. Both of us used to think that it would be better to have been born as a guy. Feeling that the most advantageous to be a man with major earning power, an ego out to there, can go whenever, whereever they like without worrying other people gossiping him as there's no restriction night time for them ( well, in Chinese culture esp in my family, for young and single woman, it is prohibited for going home late every night), Other than that, become a playboy is a "cool" stuff, means you are a popular guy in the college or university who used to date lots and lots of hot chicks.

But the fact is, we are women. And there’s nothing we can do about it. So? It’s time to embrace! haha..

Last few days, I have got an email from my sis...and after read it, I think I am glad I am a girl ^^
  1. Ever heard quote..."Heaven is at the feet of Mothers" "God could not be everywhere, that's why He create Mothers" (Only girl can become a mother..)
  2. Holding hand beyond girls is a very common things, but how bout holding hand beyond boys?
  3. "Sorry, I'm having my period today and I'm not able to go to work" ~ only girls can use this tactic for calling sick...sorry guys
  4. Long, short, curl, straight hair...all are just so nice
  5. Engagement ring, wedding ring...hohoho...
  6. Get any trouble? Don't worry, someone will willingly help you
  7. Mix and match...play with colours...that's what we call fashion ( pink jacket with pink shoes)
  8. Ladies first
  9. Girls can wear whatever fashion they love...feminime? boyish? just name it...
  10. Although we know guys are expert in driving, but only girls can drive with high heels
  11.  Who can do the shopping for whole day by wearing high heels and carrying bulky shopping bags? The answer is "Only girls can"
  12. Only girls can do multitasking (working plus gossiping )
  13. Ladies driver in carpark hahaha....how wonderful it is
  14. Sexy lingerie ~ only for girls 
  15. Feel free to cry
  16. Ladies night
  hahaha...just so glad that I am a girl...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Melty choco phones from Sharp...yummy

These phones look yummy...Still pondering what to get for a New Year gift? Looking for something sweet but also functional? Here may be the address you should visit (of course, if you live in Japan): NTT Docomo as they have Melty Bitter (Brown) and Melty Strawberry (Pink) clamshell phones (a.k.a SH04-B) coated from outside in a way to look like a three dimensional chocolate-bar in their winter-line up. The sweet fruit of the collaboration between Q-Pot, Tokyo-based accessory brand founded by the designer Wakamatsu Tadaaki, and Sharp, they feature pre-installed chocolate themed wallpapers, photo frames and menus as well as having straps with complementary desserts and original chocolate box type package. The technical specs are nothing extraordinary, though: 3-inch WVGA ASV screen, 8MP CCD camera, waterproof, 1-seg digital TV tuner, Bluetooth etc. By the way, they are reported by Sharp to be limited to 13,000 production units.

What a cute yet temptation phones ^^


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Shot - A DIY and a camera for education

It's a well documented fact that kids greatly enjoying taking things apart to see how they work. Columbia University in New York has made it their mission to create a camera that not only carries the capability to be assembled and dismantled, but created a product that could be used as an affordable platform for education.

The Big Shot camera has been road tested by children all across the world and has been a huge hit and understandably so. The 6 year old MacGyver in us is just dying to get our hands on it. Although it takes a battery, it also has a hand crank on the side as it takes very little energy to actually take a photograph. So a few quick cranks and you're all set for some picture taking fun.


Buddhist Temple transform to Manga to woo visitors especially for Otaku

HACHIOJI, Japan (AFP) – Girls clad in maids' outfits are not traditionally associated with Buddhism, but that has not stopped monks at a centuries-old temple using Japanese pop culture to woo visitors.

The Ryohoji temple, built in the late 16th century in a Tokyo suburb, erected a colourful manga-inspired sign at its entrance in June and has since seen visitor numbers perk up -- especially young men.

But it went a step further at the weekend, setting up tents and opening up a temporary cafe staffed by bonnet-wearing girls sporting classic frills, one of the recent popular themes among fans of anime and costume role-playing.

The "maids" look authentic and old-fashioned in every way -- save for the short length of the skirts and the fake cats' ears on their heads.

And it seemed to work, the temple drawing hundreds of visitors on Saturday as the event coincided with a local autumn festival in Hachioji, on the western outskirts of Tokyo.

"I came over because this temple has been the talk of the Net," said Mitsutaka Adachi, a 26-year-old telecom software programmer, one of many first-time visitors to the ancient temple.

"I was a bit surprised to see this but it's fun," he told AFP. "This can motivate people to come here."

One of the maids, who only identified herself as Yurin, said it was "good that young people come to the temple."

"This is my first experience as a maid but I'm enjoying myself," she added.

Ryohoji's chief monk, Shoko Nakazato, 45, said he did not think it was inappropriate.

"I'm a manga generation who grew up watching them on television. I have little resistance to manga.... I wanted to tell the people that temples are a fun place to visit," he said.

Ryohoji previously had almost no visitors during the week, but recently up to 30 people, mostly young men, had come every day, Nakazato said.

Adding to the spectacle, Toromi, a singer who drew the manga characters on the temple's sign, was in a red-and-white costume inspired by a goddess worshipped at the temple.

"I'm so happy as unexpectedly many people came," said Toromi, who goes by one name and is a common sight in Akihabara, Tokyo's electronics district that is frequented by computer buffs and fanatics, known in Japanese as "otaku."

Ryohoji is also selling a 500-yen (five-dollar) card with cartoon characters which allows buyers to download three-minute motion pictures on to their mobile phones of chief monk Nakazato chanting prayers


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

World largest LED building

Here we like to present "World Largest LED building" designed by Asymptote Architecture which all lightning arrangement done by Arup Lighting.

This one is located in Abu Dhabi and is called "The Yas Hotel". Currently, it is the world's largest LED building and it was opened on Nov 3, 2009.
The hotel is controlled through remote device management (RDM) protocol and it has no less than 5000 RGBW LED items. It also features functions such as color-changing sequences and other impressive lighting effects. Still, one has to think how much energy this type of building consumers, in spite of its absorbing and almost intimatating design.

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