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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are you glad you are a girl?

Just now I found one article regarding this topic and I think this topic is quite interesting as the writer and me has the same opinion. Both of us used to think that it would be better to have been born as a guy. Feeling that the most advantageous to be a man with major earning power, an ego out to there, can go whenever, whereever they like without worrying other people gossiping him as there's no restriction night time for them ( well, in Chinese culture esp in my family, for young and single woman, it is prohibited for going home late every night), Other than that, become a playboy is a "cool" stuff, means you are a popular guy in the college or university who used to date lots and lots of hot chicks.

But the fact is, we are women. And there’s nothing we can do about it. So? It’s time to embrace! haha..

Last few days, I have got an email from my sis...and after read it, I think I am glad I am a girl ^^
  1. Ever heard quote..."Heaven is at the feet of Mothers" "God could not be everywhere, that's why He create Mothers" (Only girl can become a mother..)
  2. Holding hand beyond girls is a very common things, but how bout holding hand beyond boys?
  3. "Sorry, I'm having my period today and I'm not able to go to work" ~ only girls can use this tactic for calling sick...sorry guys
  4. Long, short, curl, straight hair...all are just so nice
  5. Engagement ring, wedding ring...hohoho...
  6. Get any trouble? Don't worry, someone will willingly help you
  7. Mix and match...play with colours...that's what we call fashion ( pink jacket with pink shoes)
  8. Ladies first
  9. Girls can wear whatever fashion they love...feminime? boyish? just name it...
  10. Although we know guys are expert in driving, but only girls can drive with high heels
  11.  Who can do the shopping for whole day by wearing high heels and carrying bulky shopping bags? The answer is "Only girls can"
  12. Only girls can do multitasking (working plus gossiping )
  13. Ladies driver in carpark hahaha....how wonderful it is
  14. Sexy lingerie ~ only for girls 
  15. Feel free to cry
  16. Ladies night
  hahaha...just so glad that I am a girl...

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