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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sharing : Let’s choose the right shoes like Cinderella

Just now, one of my bestie just hurt her feet because of her sandals, although the design is very nice and it’s come from quite well-known brand as well. So “never judge a book from its cover” quote applies here haha… poor xiao mei, she hurt her foot and it bleed haiz… well hope this can help you beib :)
We all know shoes is one of most important stuff for women which end up collecting shoe become one of our women’s hobby. Actually apart from that, choosing and wearing the right shoes is not only for fashion, but for our health. Do you know that disease, bad circulation, poorly trimmed toenails, and wearing shoes that don't fit can cause foot problems which are sometimes the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and nerve or circulatory disorders. So be kind to your feet and don’t be hard on them …well…here’s some tips in choosing a new pair of shoes
1. Ankles – for scrawny ankles better choose pointy shoes or high heels to make your look more elegant, and avoid a chunky shoes
2. Time – try on shoes at the end of the day which our feet swell over the course of the day ( night time is the time when your feet are largest o.O so avoid buy shoes on morning time)
3. Size – size changes along with our ages so always measured your feet before buying shoes and some of shoe sizes can vary depending on the kind, make and style.
4. Stand up – when trying on shoes to make sure there’s about 1/2 inch between your toe and the end of the shoe
5. Foot’s ball – should fits comfortably into the widest part of the shoe
6. Width – as important as shoe sizes, so try this to see either you are in the wrong size or not wide enough – in your bare feet, or in the socks or hose you want to wear with the shoe, hold the bottom of the left shoe against the bottom of your right foot (and vice-versa) - you should be able to see the outline of the shoe around your entire foot. If you can't, it's either the wrong size or not wide enough - try a different style, width or size. pointy-toeshoes
Fashion tips :
1. Choose shoes with no back (mules,thongs) and no ankle straps to make legs look longer
2. Dieting won’t change your ankle proportion, so face it and accept it. If you have a thicker ankles, just choose bolder shoes to balance things out and avoid ankle straps or overly curvy heels.
3. Boots’ lover, please make sure the top of boots fits snugly around your calf.  A thicker heel balances out fuller upper bodies.
 high-heel-shoe Tips from Sneakers to High heels
1. For beginner, please avoid “too-pointy-toes” heels which it can be hard and damn painful for your toes. If you are a fashion victim, maybe you will think it will be okay as long as you look good on it (beauty need sacrifice ) but bare in mind that women who do this repeatedly for years end up with foot deformities. So choose the open toe, round or square will be much more better
2. Start from lower which is under 2.5 inches, besides that you also can choose wedges or chunky heels.
3. Always walk with confident, head up and your shoulders back :) and you will look absolutely awesome hehe…besides that it help to distribute the weight more evenly around your body and off your feet.
4. Do some stretch and massage after removing your heels. Just do some exercises like rotating your ankle and maybe some yoga or floor exercises that massage your lower back.
6. Still having problems on high heel, maybe you need to switch back to flat shoes

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