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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recipe : Twisted spinach omelet

I make this for my lunch ( I always bring bento-lunch box to office – if I’m not in lazy mood haha)…it is a healthy, easy yet yummy dish so enjoy…well a very ordinary omelet, just the way you cook it and mix it
You need:
1 carrot
bunch of spinach (up to you aka “agak-agak" LOL)
spring onion
2 eggs
1. Whisk the white eggs either with mixer or manual till peak
2. Cook the carrot (cut in chunks) in hot pan + olive oil till soft
3. Put the carrot + water lil bit on the blender and blend it well to make carrot puree
4. Mix all the ingredients + carrot puree + yolks
5. Pour the egg mixture into hot pan + olive oil (I use a round mold to shape it so I only pour 1/4 cup of it first)
6. Cook until firmed then flip and cook for a few seconds to firm the other side
fyen[8] I love the sweet from the carrot :D, and serve best with chili ( any Indonesia sambal haha…I can’t live without them LOL )

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