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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Myday: International cuisine3 – Classic French Cuisine

Finally, we came to classic French cuisine which I made one of the menu for my family and they love it hohoho…. :D ~ mom and dad praise me for the food and recommend it to put into my aunty (read:grandpa) restaurant’s menu hahaha…
Here we go…
1. Lobster bisque
Ok…one thing I want to share here, please try not to order lobster bisque if you have other options haha (well…no offense haha…gomene :D ), aniwei the reason is because of lobster bisque is the blended of lobster shells, heads, vegetables, herbs plus other ingredients. But still you make the final decisions.
bisque You can make it from your left-over lobster, so next time don’t throw away your lobster shells  and heads since you can make a delicious soup from it :D (like the chef said utilize all the part of lobster since it is pricey hahaha…)
2. Slow braised duckling with sweet potato and cumin mashbraised-duck
Time consuming, easy, tasty, elegant and wat else…it was absolutely fantastic. Must try it at home and this is the one that I cooked for my family when I went back to my hometown.
Firstly, chef showed us how to prepare the duck such as remove its legs,neck and wings; and then ask us to do it haha..guess what…the chef ask me to do it because I showed a very ugly plus disgusting face when he did it and he knew that I didn’t dare to do it. ( I am a fillet people which means always cook with everything which is all ready and well pack such as fillet LOL). Well, luckily Charlotte help me to do it and we did it together haha….(and I did all myself at home means I graduate and dare to do it now :D ).
P1020025 P1020026 P1020031P1020033   
Secondly, prepare the filling for stuffing. For this delicious dish, you only need apples, onion and orange ( feel free to replace orange with star anise) and last but not least you need to have lots of time for this slow cooking dish which it takes like 2 hours but trust me….it worth.
3. Apple tarte tatin
Again, Francois make a lil bit twist on the way he cooked this dessert. Do you know that tarte tatin has its own cute history. It is accidentally created in Hotel Tatin,France in 1898. Stephanie Tatin,who is one of the owner and the cook, was overworked one day. Starting to make a traditional apple pie but left the apples cooking in butter and sugar for too long and it burned. She tried to rescue the dish by putting the pastry base on top of the pan of apples and quickly put the whole pan in the oven. Surprisingly the hotel guests appreciated and love the dessert and voila…classic was born :)
~ serve it best hot with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream
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