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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Myday: International cuisine2 – Classic Italian cuisine

On this cuisine2, we have been taught of classic italian cuisine by Chef Francois, our menu will be Stuffed calamari , Veal , Gnocchi and mascarpone tart as our dessert :D
Well, as I said before I have been team up with Ling and Charlotte as my teammate. We were the only team that have three people, while others only two people. They have three teams so it means that there were seven people on this course. From my knowledge, three from Indonesia (incl me), one Philippines, one Thai-Taiwanese, two Singaporeans and only one guy in our course.
Ok, let’s jump to the cooking…
1. Stuffed calamari with prawn and pancetta octo
Instead of using pancetta (similar to bacon), we can use parma ham. The challenge for this menu is stuffing one, it’s quite hard to hold still the calamari and close it with toothpick…fiuhhh…anyway the combination of nuts,herbs and mushroom inside are just nice and go very well with the calamari. But ours’ calamari was quite chewy,seemed like we are undercooked them LOL :P
P1010934P1010935  P1010936P1010933P1010939  
2. Veal osso buco with gremolata
Beef is a big NO NO for me so don’t ask me about its taste hehe, but my friend, who I gave this veal to, said that it was nice and perfect (come on…who’s the teacher lol…a French chef and he has this menu on his restaurant if I’m not wrong).
At the beginning of the class, we cooked this first as it took two hours . It is really a slow cooker recipe haiz…and the most exciting part was when Francois did the deglaze.
3. Gnocchi with butter and sage gnocchi
I love gnocchi and it is healthy, easy to make and of course yummy :). Gnocchi is just like a smashed potato but coated with semolina and plain flour and just boil them on boiling water (sounds like noodle hehe..) After that stir them with butter (use salted one so that it has a salt taste) season and serve it with parmesan cheese..absolutely yummy…
I have tried a lil bit twist on this gnocchi which I used purple sweet potato haha..
P10200994. Lemon and mascarpone tart with blueberries
Just a usual tart and fill with lemon plus mascarpone. Mascarpone is a italian cheese and usually use it for tiramisu. Seems like I forgot to take the picture of this dish…poor me…so sorry guys…I only have the making picture and only one >.<   P1010932
Onigiri_for_Tarechan_by_unjiunjimum My thought…
I don’t really get into calamari stuff especially not a deep-fry one hahaha…so maybe what I’m going to try is only the filling which I think it will goes well with rice or maybe as salad side dish.
Making a twist on what we have learnt is quite interesting…I always think of doing some twist on this and that but never do it hahaha…lazy and hate the Ntuc Tiong Bahru which it is too small, long queue, etc and etc… (am I complain too much hahaha…) well I know Ntuc is sometime more into Chinese supermarket…so if I need to go to Carrefour, Giant or maybe Cold Storage to get more westerns’ stuffs haiz….
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