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Monday, August 30, 2010

Myday : International cuisine1 ~ canapés

Please enjoy my cooking course in Palate Sensations which has been ended last month (a six weeks cooking course).  All the courses are taught by Chef Francois Mermilliod, an executive chef from Absinthe, Singapore (going there this end of month :). Francois is a very nice guy, not a chef that always swearing like what I saw on TV shows especially Chef Gordon Ramsay haha… Well, this course only took for three hours and for our first module, we make 8 hot and cold canapés. They all look gorgeous and yummy actually they are all quite simple and easy to make :D
Blinis with smoked salmon
Crab Spring Onion
Stuffed button mushroom
Prosciutto and parmeson stickprosciuttonparmesonstick
Salmon tartare on cucumbersalmontartareoncucumber2
Seared tuna tatakisearedtunatataki2
Thai fish cake with prawnthaifishcake
Avocado, tofu and sundried tomatoes kebab
Well…they are all the finished food which are ready to be served…so  let’s have a look behind them :D
1. Use the mushroom itself as the “bowl” and top them with morazella cheese before warm them up in the oven
2. - Tuna was being marinated with wasabi paste
- Get ready to fry it on hot pan with olive oil (do not overcook as we only make a crisp on the sides so the central still raw) and rest it down before served it
- Slice and put them on the chinese spoon, garnish them with wakame and fish roe and don’t forget Goma soyu as its dressings :) – a twist of French and Japanese canapés
3. Crab spring roll ~Vietnamese cold canapés
~speechless as I don’t know how to explain it haha..ok just roll it like a sushi with a help of towel :D
P1010869 P1010872
4. – Removing the salmon with its skin…diced it into a very small dice and mix it well with chive, lemon juice,chopped red onion, wasabi (again) paste and japanese mayo ~ seems like our chef love Japanese food hahah…after that top it on the Japanese/ Lebanese cucumber….Salmon tartare on cucumber done!!! hahaa..
A little “garden” collections from Francois hahaa…P1010863 P1010864  P1010877
Sauces that we used at that time and a lil bit pictures of garnishing
   P1010887     P1010900
What did I get from this courses except for cooking skills, knowledge and foods :P
- Personalized Chef ‘s Jacket (with your name sew on it ~ awesome)
- Red Palate sensation’s apron
- A set of Zwilling Henckel knives (pairing and chef’s knife)
- A red (again ) chopping board
12My cute experience… 
Ok let’s call me a freak who doesn’t like people double dipping on food (especially you cook it for other ppl and not for yourself) and that’s the first time I went to cooking class (previous one I went for baking class and guess what no one dare to taste an unbaked dough hahaha)…and happened to I was in a group of two other Philippines women and guess what..they almost double , triple or maybe more than that dipped their fingers or whatever on the food…I was just like “whattt” and it really make me sick and I just went to Chef Francois to tell them not to do that double dipped again…I dunno whether he told them or not…but I was just like pissed off and felt “I don’t want to do these courses anymore if I’m going to teammate with them for my whole entire 6 modules” Oh Gosh…
PS: It was a small cooking class which was only 10 peoples on the first module (4 teams) as some of them just did the single course and only 7 people including me who took the whole modules and Thank’s God, that two “dipped-woman” only took one course…fiuhhh…
For next course, Lynette paired me with two other woman to work with for my entire courses and I love my new teammate (Charlotte and Ling ~ a blessed to know and work with them, they are expert >.<

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