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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet-tooth : iPhone, iPad, iPod…here comes iChocolates

Well…who can deny that “i- something something” is a boom right now…especially iPhone4…marketing still marketing and they are quite creative. Using a bombing lifestyle in creating their new products, iChocolates.
iChocolates are a 20 pieces gourmet chocolate assortment from Paris which resemble iPhone or iPad app icons and look at the box… it is such a luxury box (look exactly like real iPhone’s box).
“Oubliez vos ballotins de grand-meres. Offrez les chocolats d’aujourdhui. Biologiques, equitables, adorables.” - “Forget your granny’s sweeties, get with it with these chocolates of today”… that’s their quotes.
iChocolates iChocolates2 
And it’s all down to technology apparently, very hi-tech technology indeed.
“Thanks to our ‘Chocographics’ technology developed in France, the country of gastronomy, the cute icons you are familiar with on your screen are what you really eat. We have reached vivid colors and a level of details that were never seen before on such tiny and fragile chocolate pieces.”
Be warned that the original batch sold out in nanoseconds, and you’ll need to wait up to 72 hours after ordering.
You can easily grab it on their iChocolateShop.com @ €34.75 a box hahha..and the prices are very “Apple rather than Dell”, if you know what we mean.

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