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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fashion Inspiration : Babydoll dress

Who don’t know about babydoll style? It is a fashionable, feminine, flirty and absolutely ideal for those days when you are feeling a lil bit bloated. Every women can enjoy this fashion, but still you need to know which style of babydoll you are and how to wear it before you mess it up.
How to wear a baby doll dress
1. Length
Usually the length is a few inches above the knee which is the best. However, if you are not a “big” size girl, you are more than welcome to wear a bit shorter one but too much as babydoll dress can swing through the wind. A long baby doll is suit for high women and someone who have a heavy thighs which will absolutely give you sexy yet curvy style. And one more thing need to be bear in mind is that short dress won’t give or make your legs look longer and shorter styles are only suitable for young girls which will make they look cute. So if you are a 30s up lady, forget about that cute look (decisions still in your hand either you want to look incredibly sexy or horrendously ridiculous, you decide :) batikbabydoll
2. Underwear
Well…do they relate each other? yes, they do. As a proper underwear that holds everything in place can make a big difference to our overall look.Besides that, proper underwear also give you a comfort and confident looked :)
3. Heels
Men love to see women in high heels, one of the reason is that women look sexy on them. Wedges, high heel or even flip flop go well with babydoll styles which they can add high and glamour. However, the new trend now is wearing sneaker with babydoll (dare to follow the trend? why not, as long as you still can enjoy that look :) – Fashion Inspiration : Sneakers with a skirt or dressbabydoll02
4. Patterns
For mini size women, one color will look nicer. While printed dresses look better on tall womenbabydoll03
What to avoid
Pregnant look
fyen[8] Make up yourself and please please please avoid the not-make-up morning sickness look. I am guarantee you that everyone will give you first priority as they think you are pregnant haha :)

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