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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharing : Simple way to forget that “damn”- Ex

A super duper very common if you broke up with someone you love before. Sad, confuse, stress, miserable, cry, what else? Well…as I said before, nothing is wrong with that. But let’s think is it worth and OK for you just to cry and cry again or maybe spend all your days to think about the reason why you guys broke up? Well, easy to say hard to do …eniwei….let’s have ice cream instead :P..haha..just joking..ok here’s some tips
1. NEVER EVER listening to sad songs
They will make you feel worst and well honey, you are in a super fragile soul and absolutely sad/ mellow songs will just make you more down and down…So why don’t you try to switch to some disco or let’s call it Happy songs…something that can burn your spirit :D
2. Sharing is caring
Well, girls love to talk either we are happy or sad. So express yourself, don’t keep them all for yourself (you will explode for overload :P). But only share them with someone you trust, mum and sister will be my first option for sharing my dilemma :) and usually it works. Feel much more better after I told them everything (just call me talkative :D). And keep in mind that they maybe won’t give us any advices but trust me the feeling of someone are still there and standing for you are much more better and you will feel secure because of them :)
3. Throw, burn, torn everything about him
Charity them, give them to next owner as you didn’t need them anymore. Well, maybe you will feel very bad or maybe in tears while thrown them (not because of him, but because it’s expensive hahah LOL), but it really help you to stay away from the memory of him
4. Never ever call him – not even once
Please please don’t do this…you go girl…and erase them from your contact list :)
5. Make over yourself and retouching
Do something with yourself, pamper yourself as you haven’t done it to yourself. Love yourself more. You don’t need to do surgery to make you become a new people haha…at least maybe you can do some make-up, facial, manicure, pedicure, get a new hairstyle. Or you also can enroll to some courses to get more skills for yourself, at least you should make him feel bad because he left you :D. By doing this, I am sure that you will feel more confident and you now have to show to the world and yourself that you are a strong woman even without him. ~ power puff girl go go!!~
6. Do girls’ things with your girlfriends
Shopping, eating,ladies night,etc etc.. just do whatever you want to yourself, but please keep in mind to set a limit and stop them after you have reached your limit. Well, these all are quite risky activity but have fun :D
7. Open your heart
Well…well…well.. hahaha….can I laugh to myself…hmm…ok …start a new relationship actually is not that difficult so it’s our time for hunting a new one and bare in mind that you will get an opportunity to get another better relationship~add oil add oil~

fyen[8] Note: Ice cream is a best friend when you felt mellow :P

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