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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sharing : Stress ball for stress people

Stress, stress, stress and stress… 
Always heard your colleagues, friends, family or even people in public transport talking about stress such as job stress, family stress, love stress, life stress etc etc etc..Well it is very common in this life and it will be weird if you can find people who is free from problems and stress (except for certain people such as monks).
Now, people invent a stress relief balls to relieve  our stress especially when you can’t express your opinion or even you can’t speak up. Rather than going to punch “that person” in his/her face, use this stress ball instead haha…It can help a lil bit and I am absolutely recommend to get something like this…a cute stress ball(it can be your cute keychain as well :D)
strees ball02 
Well, one of my best berader (read: brother) bought me this and this is super duper very cute. Everytime I use it, I always laugh a lot and people around me will think that I am crazy haha…I am very happy when I got this one but still something I need to clarify with him, why he gave me this, is it because I look like a stress person or just because I like to mad/scold him over the phone LOL…(you know I never meant it hahahah :)
stress plush
fyen[8] hahaha…see the eyes just pop-out…eniwei wat kind of animal is she? a piglet? a pinky horse? wondering….

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