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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recipe : Strawberry daifuku

Love love daifuku (Japanese mochi), it is quite pricey in Japanese restaurant >.< so why don’t we try to make it and share with our family ehehe…
What you need:
  • 100g glutinous rice flour/shiratamako
  • 2tbsp sugar (I use confectioners sugar and the sweetness is depends on your preference)
  • 95-100ml water or maybe more
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • premade anko (Japanese red bean) or maybe you made it by youself
  • corn starch / potato for dusting
DIY anko
1.Wash the uncooked anko
2.Boiling water + uncooked anko in small pot (cook 3 times to soften the anko)
3.For 3rd time, cook it till only lil bit water left (or u can drain it) + sugar
4.Set aside and make small anko balls
tips: using anko powder is easier (but I never try it hahaha :P)
Anko + Strawberry
1. Wash and cut the head of the strawberry (make sure the strawberries are dry)
2. Cover it with anko and set a side (put in the fridge)
Strawberry Daifuku:
1. Water + sugar + glutinious flour in a heat-resistant bowl = mix well + olive oil
2. Put the bowl in boiling water (double boiler) for 15 mins, make sure that the dough is well cooked (till the dough inflates)
3. Dust your hand and flat pan with potato starch
4. Remove the hot mochi dough to that flat pan and dust with more potato starch
5. Divide them into 6 pieces and round them
6. Flat the mochi and wrap the strawberry anko by stretching mochi (no worries the mochi is super flexible haha).
7. Round…round and round the daifuku
8. Serve it directly (best with ice cream) or you can store it up to two days (max) since we have strawberry inside the daifuku.

 fyen[8]Get creative on the daifuku…
~ different fillings such as mango, peanuts, sweet coconut (like we have it in Indonesia “onde-onde”)
~ cover the daifuku with black sesame, peanuts
etc etc and etc…looking forward to the daifuku twist :D

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