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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashion : Cute mask for the haze

Haze worsen in Singapore and Indonesia…pollution…pollution alert… >.< …a glance just like fogs…but this one is unhealthy yet hot fog haizzz….
eniwei…maybe we need to take some action now to avoid that unhealthy haze, first of all avoid doing any outdoor activities (doesn’t mean you need to get your Medical Certificate here haha) and secondly wear a mask… (back to oldies memories…the swine flu memory where everyone using a mask), so we still can be fashionable in this haze period hohoho…check it out…
My fav Doraemon ドラえもん ♥♥♥
doraemon mask02doraemon mask
Hello kitty masks (dedicated to my fren Nini haha :P..for sure she will buy it)
Hello kitty maskHello kitty mask02
Other cute masks…
cute mask  swineflumaskanaheimfashion-swine-flue-maskcute mask03 cute mask04 cute mask05
Skull masks like bleach? why not haha…
skull maskskull mask02 
Or maybe DIY masks hehe….superb creative :D
mask-dogDIY mask01DIY mask04DIY mask02 DIY mask03DIY mask05puppy mask01 puppy mask02 tiger mask
hahaha..hope you njoy it…going to google doraemon mask now…yuhuuu ♥♥♥


  1. Where can get these all cute mask at singapore? Thank you

    1. I got mine from Taiwan... u can try daisho or q0010 (gmarket) http://list.qoo10.sg/item/FIGHTING-HAZE-MASK-3M-NEXCARE-COMFORT/410973205?sid=1411
      btw take care and drink plenty of water :D n always wear ur mask whenever u go :)


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