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Friday, June 18, 2010

Christina Louboutin: Collection Winter 2010/2011

Seems like all designers are very busy now…so many collections has been released for these few weeks (isn’t it good for us, so we can have more fashion inspiration to look at :D)

Here are the new collections of this winter which was posted on the site of Christian Louboutin itself.

Maybe you have seen some of them like the big lips or lipspikes which was had been carried a few months ago by Janet Jackson. But anyway just enjoy this winter collection which makes place with a new heel, the metal heel :)

279997.jpg 962423 3905681.jpg 4607132.jpg 5829126.jpg 6633525.jpg 8078804.jpg 8836498.jpg 9124279.jpg 38610112.jpg 81976810,jpg

Jonathan Saunders, which has collaborated with Christian Louboutin


27833227 30789110

Have you choose your favorite one? I like the Joe and Souris,seem like it’s going to fyen[8]be very tired after wearing this( or am I going to fall because of unbalance haha..cause I only wear the 5cm heels and sometimes it makes me feel like going to fall down..poor me..) But never mind, beauty needs sacrifice haha… And as long as we practice the tips from Heel’s guru, I think high heels won’t be a big problem anymore…so get ready for it girl :)

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