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Friday, June 4, 2010

“Life is uncertain…so let’s have Ice cream first” - fy

In this hot summer day, for no doubt , is there any joy more pure and more thrilling than eating ice cream?? Feel the ice cream melt in your tongues…experiencing the heavenly union of creaminess, coldness and sweetness of it…Yay…
“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.  ~Don Kardong”
From what I read,the first published recipes for ice cream and sorbets was in Italy in late 1600s. Since then, little has changed due to technology changes, better equipment and higher demand from the customers themselves.
In Asian countries, most of the main ingredients in making ice cream are coconut milk, evaporated milk or either condensed milk. As we can find it nowadays along Orchard road, “one dollar ice cream roti or crackers”.

Countries and its ice cream
- I-tim soth (Thai ice cream), evolved from a slightly icy coconut-milk topped with taro, sweetcorn, palm sugar, peanuts and even raw egg O.o
-  绿豆沙 (pinyin: lǜdòushā, literally: sand of mung bean), from southern China, texturally similar to ice cream. The beans are macerated into a paste and boiled together with milk and sugar.
- Ice puter (traditional Indonesia coconut-based ice cream), icy coconut-milk topped with palm sugar, black sticky rice, chocolate or durian.
- Gelato (Italian ice cream), made from whole milk, sugar, eggs and natural flavourings. Guess what, gelato contains lower fat than usual ice cream. So for dieting people, gelato will be a perfect choice ^^
- Dirty ice cream (Filipino sorbetes, ice creams from cow’s milk, buffalo milk and condensed milk plus local fruits and flavorings.
and much more…

Ice creams that I love…
1. Ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins esp its oreo ice cream..yummy…
2. Roadside stalls ice cream in Singapore (easy to find them esp along Orchard road)
3. Mr.Bean Soya ice cream ~ low fat, healthy and yummy
4. Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Fondue
5. Taiyaki ice cream (miss my oldies in Sydney~ always bought this from Korean groceries) – for Medan fellas, you can find it easily in Thamrin Plaza outside stall (next to Luciano cafe stall)
6. My homemade ice cream éclair ~fufufuf…
7. Maccha ice cream from Uzumaki
I think tat’s enough…will post my fav desserts after that… Did I miss something?? Anyway, I love all ice cream ^^
Screammm for ice creammm….
“Ice cream is happiness condensed.  ~Jessi Lane Adams”
So lets welcoming hot summer day with ice creammmm

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