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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Myday : Weekend project June

Set off alarm…

let the sun wake you up with its shine…


rolling like tare panda in bed…

I called it myday…my lazy Saturday…

My weekend (Saturday) checklist :

food experiments in my lil laboratorium…

play with camera

edit here and there on the pics

“sharing is caring” on my blog

J-dorama time till the sun say hello :)

Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get

m&m m&m01 m&m3

- I love M&M….I love chocolate….and I love its color…always love my M&M-

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment for that.

Life is like a box of chocolates…full of nuts…

and above all… think chocolate! :)

handmm handmm1


Orange is the happiest color…






smashed potato My yummy Saturday smashed vege potato with omelete (first attempt) ----->

and it’s yummyyyy sluuurrppp…





Jdorama that I watched till morning “ My little chef” and I haven’t finished it yet >.<

I love the way she cook…all of them are so mouth watering :D , quite recommended for people who love to eat (like me), cook and love Japan dorama…although this one is a very very old series but worth it :)


still so many photos need to edit….going to upload them if I have time haha…

If possible…I will post my before and after edit photos…and just now my fren who is a photographer just passed me our pictures which we took two weeks ago(wew…)…some of them hv been edited..some of them not…so…hahaha…as I said before..if possible I will post them :) cause some of them are precious to be share with :) ~ sharing is caring hehe….

to be continue for myday Sunday Papa day :)fyen[8]

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