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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sharing : Someday I may find my Prince Charming, but my Daddy will always be my King

Years ago, while we were celebrating Mother’s day,my daddy used to ask us,” why there’s no Father’s day? Why everyone only celebrating Mother’s day?Don’t they know that Father hold an important role as well in a family?” ~ seems like Dad felt jealous at that time haha…
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Well…I cannot explain much at that time though I even didn’t know “Father’s day” do exist, as we didn’t celebrate any Father’s day in Indonesia. Until I went to Sydney, and knew that about Father’s day stuff._CSC0639 
Fathers are the biggest source of strength for a child. As for myself or the innocent eyes of a child perceive father as the all-powerful, most knowledge, truly affectionate and the most important person in the family. For daughters, fathers are the first men they adore and fall in love with( and yes I am). While for sons their fathers are the strongest person they know and someone they aspire to emulate. Even for the grownups fathers are someone whom they look up to for the most experienced and honest advice that is always in the best of our interest.Because we know that Daddy will always think the best for us. For this great figure in our life that we know as father - it becomes our utmost duty to pay our humblest tribute on the occasion of Father's Day.
As we know that Mother’s day come first but Father’s day wasn’t too far behind. Mostly everyone in every part of world (especially in United States, Canada and most countries in Asia) will celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday in May, while Father’s day is on the third Sunday in June, which it will fall on June 20 this year.
Who came up with the idea of Father's Day?
Sonora Louise Smart Dodd who honored and revered her father very much as their mother died during childbirth. While listening to a Mother’s day sermon in 1909, she determined there should also be a day to honor fathers. Gaining local support made her dream become a reality one year later within her own city of Spokane, Washington. On 1978, Father’s day became a permanent national observance and being celebrate widely.
Why June?? Simple, because her father’s birthday was on 19 June.
What can we do on Father’s day
We must make all efforts to celebrate Father's Day with our Dad. Children staying away from father must especially strive to spend the day with father and show gratitude for all their support and love. We must pamper father by spending the day in a manner he likes most. It could be going out for a picnic or indulging him with a gourmet meal. The idea is to show our affection and tell Daddy how much he is loved and appreciated not just on Father's Day but every single day of our lives.
1. DIY “Best Dad” Trophy
2. Treat your dad a good dinner in restaurant or maybe cook by yourself.
~ Restaurant promotion as some of them will offer free beer for all fathers(Re!Fill), or even free meals for fathers at Bedrock Bar & Grill 

3. Gifts : desk accessories or photo figures so Dad can see them everyday ;every day fashion such as tie, customized tee-shirt, bag, wallet, shoes,watch, etc.. ; write poems, messages, or letters…
4. Cakes or flower (esp red roses for Father’s day)
5. Play “Daddy the King”
Spoil your dad for one whole day…serve him like a king. For more fun, rent a King suit or crown, let him wear it for a day and absolutely will be an unforgettable and looked-forward events.
6. Say thanks as Dad have take care all our needs and interests, someone who stop us from diverting to a wrong path and guide us on a road of success and virtue, someone who always been there to solve our innumerous from small to big problems and someone who give us a warm home calls family.
7. Ask apologies for our rude and insensitive behavior. We often take the love and affection of our parents for granted and treat them with outright contempt. We need to apologize. We must feel great to have the presence of loving father in our lives and do not disrespect the blessing of God on us. On Father's Day we must says “Sorry” to our Dad and seek their forgiveness for our wrong behavior.
8. The most important is “make your papa proud and happy”

~ God, bless all the fathers in the world. Guide them to be good role models and loving to all their children. Give them grace and patience to handle situations in a loving way ~

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