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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tips from mastering the art of wearing high heels

We all know that Chyna Whyne being paid for teaching “how to wear high heels” course in one of college in south London for six-week class.
Whyne herself sees her courses as more than learning how to strut down the street in style."Some women come to me with low self-esteem, some have had marriage break-ups or problems at work, and after I've finished working with them, they are filled with confidence. This is a tranformation from head to toe," she claims.
Don't have time to do a six-week course? Here are Whyne's top five tips.
• Do foot exercises – pointing and flexing, ankle rotations and rising on to the balls of the feet.
• Buy the right shoe for you. I see women who have been wearing the wrong size for years.
• Lead with the ball of your foot. If you lead with the heel, this can make you unbalanced and the heel can break. Keep your feet slightly turned out.
• Keep the knees relaxed – otherwise the lower back starts to lock.
• Wearing high heels is a question of balance. The Alexander Technique teaches you how to hold yourself and this is the key to walking well in heels.

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