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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hairstyle: Korean hairstyle for Summer 2010

Let’s have a look on how Korean celebrity work out with their summer. Their hairstyles are absolutely elegant, simple, feminine and fashionate :) Why don’t we get some inspiration from them…

2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-6 2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-7 


- with accessories (sunglasses / hat)

2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-1 2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-2 2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-3   2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-4 2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-5 2010-Pop-Korean-Style-fashion-Sunglasses-hair-8

Beautiful-fashion-Curly-hair-in-2010-Summer-2    Beautiful-fashion-Curly-hair-in-2010-Summer-5


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