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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fashion Alert : Grimoire Japan 2nd anniversary ~ Dolly Kei Party

This is the first time I write about Japan fashion and hope you guys enjoy it ♥

Celebrating their 2nd anniversary, Dolly-kei boutique – Grimorie Tokyo – held a party at Cafe x Lounge Microcosmos. Everyone dressed as coiffed dollies (girls) and guys come out in droves to celebrate it. They way they celebrate was quite unique cause they celebrated it by watching World Cup live accompanied by sweet tooth cakes, muffins and cookies. Other than that, magic show by Masaki Yamamoto and pole dancer Tokyo Dolores were also part of the party.

I don’t think we can call this an inspiration fashion, cause we can’t wear it here (read: Singapore). I mean yes you can… and of course you will sweating (unless you are in air-con room), anyway cosplay will be held in Singapore soon ~I read it from newspaper…will blog it later :)


Inspired by Scotland? haha :P

2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-009-600x399♥ I love the watch and the flower wristband ♥









look…the BIG brooch >.<


                 Heart the kimono…kawaiii… ---->


-Bunch of cute gals :)-


                                - Selca-

2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-055-600x399 2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-057-600x400  2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-062-600x9002010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-066-600x900 2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-063-600x400

fyen[8]   More pictures …

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