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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hairstyle : Simple & elegant hairstyle for office lady

Tired of having same hairstyle to go to work? (haha..am I talking to myself :P). We all know that when it comes to dressing and looking office appropriate it is very difficult to decide on something right or wrong as office port is usually more strict and formal (especially for office’s human resources staffs who love to observe and critics everyone’s style – aren’t they have anything else to do LOL).

Anyway although I believe that each office have people who love to comments and report it to our big boss (Oh my gosh..), it doesn’t mean they can stop us not to be fashionable anymore. Just keep in mind that, being fashionable and maintaining a proper office posture can come easily especially by keeping track of the current business fashion trends :D

Here, we are more talking about office lady’s hairstyle. Do you know that a good hairstyle can absolutely change a person appearance so it is necessary to maintain the hair as simple as possible without adding too many hair accessories (unless you want to look like a walking-christmas-tree :P

Easy way, we can just get the right haircut for our face shape and hair style so we don’t need to put lots effort every morning (I will choose to have extra sleeping time rather than styling my hair everyday). Stay away from extravagant and obvious, sophisticated hairstyles, which could make you look like you just came back from a wedding or a club.

2010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-1 2010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-2 2010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-3 2010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-4    2010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-8 2010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-72010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-52010-Simple-and-elegant-Popular-hairstyles-for-office-lady-6Choi-Byul-I-White-Office-Lady-05 sungyuri11 sungyuri17  oliviapalermoglossybrownhaircolorbusinesswomenhaircuts_conservativebangsbob3                 fyen[8]

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