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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mastering the art of wearing high heels : Walking in Stilettos

Women who loves fashion will absolutely love stilettos in order to complete their sexy and fashioned look.  Nothing says elegance, prowess and class more than a sleek and sexy pair of stiletto high heel shoes. Sexy stilettos have been adding style and sophistication to women’s fashion since as far back at the 1930’s, and continue to do so today. Stiletto shoes, named for their slim, tall and dagger like heels offer women a shoe that exudes power and class. Sexy stiletto shoes are a must have in every women’s wardrobe.
But I’m pretty sure that not everyone can enjoy while wearing their high heels shoes ad honestly I am one of them who’s not enjoying it (that’s why flat shoes is my first choice :P)
But uniquely, someone has do research on it and has successfully conquer “the so-called high heel demons” haha… She was used to work in the music industry as a backing singer for some of the UK’s most influential acts such as Peter Gabriel, Seal, Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton and she is Chyna Whyne Alexander.
During a three year study, a way has now been developed to teach women how to walk with more comfort and ease, improved posture, reduce back pain, and achieve that gliding feeling when walking. Now you can learn how on her workshop, but unfortunately she is in UK. But eniwei, still you can learn from her book or e-book ,”10 hot tips on how to walk sexy in high heels”.
What Chyna said about her book…
“Mastering the art of wearing high heels, 10 hot tips on how to walk sexy in high heels is on the lips of every woman. It’s inspiring to see the transformations taking place in women all over the world in their high heels. I love it. Healing in heels is happening worldwide, women are remembering the ‘Goddess’ inside them-selves and are enjoying every moment of it. They are putting aside doubts and fears about their sexuality and who they are, they are become more gentle yet more powerful, more effective and efficient, calmer and wiser, and more stunningly beautiful in high heels.”
Rexently, Chyna also gave a sexy high heel lessons for British students and was paid 750 pounds to teach six-week course and all of her students just impressed and said that they felt more comfortable in heels now and no longer feel pain.
So grab the book now and let you walk in the heels like walk in the clouds :)
Feel no more pain on your high heels…

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