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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recipes : Banana Oat Pancake

Hm…lemme introduce my recipe, let’s call it “healthy banana oat pancake” or should I add muesli inside that name…OMG…it will be super duper long name then :P
Just skip it and let’s jump to the main topic. Well, I call this a super healthy pancake hahaha….because I use no flour and no sugar at all (It’s low fat :D ). It is very good for digestion as well ( my roommate told me this :P) as you can find banana, oat, muesli, honey,  milk powder (I use Anlene ) and wheat grass.
Why banana? because it tastes good and good for health
Why muesli? because inside contains mixture of mainly rolled oats and/or cornflakes together with various pieces of dried fruit, nuts, and seeds or it commonly contains other rolled cereal grains such as wheat or rye flakes as well. (read more on …)
Why honey? because honey contains B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorous and has the ability to act as a potent killer of bacteria.  Honey is an antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, calms nerves and has antidiarrhea actions.
Why oat? because high in carbohydrates which helps maintain energy levels for the day ahead and it may maintain healthy blood sugar levels as well
Why barley wheat grass? because I still have it on my cabinet and use it ( cost a lot…so don’t waste it LOL)…no…the main reason is it extremely beneficial for our health. Amazing Grass offers one of the most potent sources of dark green leafy vegetables in a convenient way that aligns with today’s busy lifestyles.
Why milk powder? because it’s going to expire soon…so use it before too late >.<
Honestly, I made this pancake accidentally. I just use whatever ingredients in my cabinet…and just don’t want to waste them..so wulllaa…here come the “fyen’s version pancake”. And I absolutely love the outcome hahaha…as it is easy to make, no cooking skills required, tasty and of course healthy ( although I still love to burn them >.<)
How to make it
1. If you are using that organic oats (1 cup), remember to mix it with hot water first to make it soft
2. Peel the bananas and smash them all (3 or 4 of them depends) – when you do it..just remember the one that you hate the most >.< so it will blend smoothly
3. Did I forget to mention eggs hahaha…ok after that mix the bananas with 2 eggs, half tea spoon of wheat grass, 2 teaspoons of honey mix , 2 spoons of milk powder and mix well…
4. After that put the rest ingredients on it ( 2 cups of muesli + 3 cups of oats + 1 cup of organic oats)
5. Heat the pan using the olive oil and ready for cooking now
6. And ready for serving….serve best while it hot for breakfast or tea time hehe
~ Itadakimasu….happy cooking~

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