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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Selca : Self camera tips

Looking gorgeous in front of camera is a must know thing by superstars. And it is no secret that Asians like to their photos ( read: love being in them and taking them). So it’s no surprise that they have mastered the photo taking techniques that will result in a perfect picture image. Especially for Koreans, they even have a term that identifies a whole different genre of photo-taking “selca”. Selca is a combination of two English words together, self and capture.
Ever saw these pictures?
How Asians take PicturesHow Asians take Pictures
Haha…see yourself in these pictures…well…I am pretty sure that most of us ever posed like that as well (we just never realized it until you saw these pictures). Maybe this is another reason why selca are so popular, just use your digital camera or mobile camera and snap a good photos by yourself. 2gvoosi
Anway, let me post some tips to do this “selca”
1. Check yourself out
Being selca, feel free to check for yourself. Make sure everything is perfect, from hair, make-up and the lighting. You can either take a practice shot or taking out your princess mirror. (Tips : the more lighting, the better. Use sephia or maybe black and white option if you can’t get the right amount of lighting.
20090223_goohyesunsungriduet_012. Look up or down at the camera
Means that never look directly into the camera as it will make your dace look huge >.< so in order to take a slimmer look, look up at your camera. It will make your eyes bigger as well. Just elevating your camera 20 cm, and forced to look up is the key trick. Or maybe you can try the “look down at your camera trick” by lowering your camera 20cm.

3. Act like you are being candid
You can tilt your head to look natural (read: being candid by someone else). Maybe this would be the hardest yet the most natural looking pose. kse0
4. Feel free to express yourself29_32029
Being funny? Fool? Express yourself!!!Shows that you are confident enough to make fun of yourself (well…if you are not confident enough to share it for other, still you can show your wild and fool side of yourself just for your own viewing pleasure). Remember that in today’s digital era, it’s all about expressing yourself, so take advantage of the fact that there is no film to waste and show off your wacky side to the world.

5. Use accessories or with your pets or maybe with the food :P
Snap with your cute plush, hats, wigs, scarves, glasses, your lovely pets,foods etc- as long as you feel comfort with them :D
6. Practice make perfect
So snap it anywhere anytime you like ( bring your mobile camera or pocket digital camera with you all the time so you can snap it whenever you want). You can do it either in changing room (while trying clothes), waiting in the lines (if you are confident enough to do it in front of people), in car ( read: if you are not the driver), in bed (lemme clarify here, do it while you cannot fall asleep – nothing naughty here)
Untitled-1  d10leejuyeon_afterschool_090715_20_283_29

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