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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Myday : My lil corner

Haha….seems like my friend has been so tired waiting for my lil cozy room’s pictures in my new rental HDB. I have taken these pictures quite times ago but don’t have time to edit and upload them hahaha (Am I that busy?)

So here’s my promise…


haha…can you just ignore the left part please (I know quite messy haha.. that’s my side haha..the other one is my roommate’s) and I just to lazy to edit it :P

And finally we just got a table from our rental agent’s (after being stalked by me hahah…), so we can put our lappies there and we place it in front of our bed so we play it directly from our bed ~see how lazy we are :P


-living room, dining room and kitchen (place where I do my lil experiments – so just call it my lil laboratorium :D) -

Living room – no one use it unless on weekend or dinner time for watching tv

Dining room – It is super duper seldom to see us dining on that table (because we like to eat them whether on the sofa (eating + watching tv) or dine in our own room (eating + browsing). By the way, have you spotted the door with Doraemon’s curtain? that’s our room… Bought this curtain with my ex-roommates (we share it together and when we moved out, I decided to choose this rather than the magic mop :D).


- Ladies-

Ladies – Dunno why the toilet paper roller is next to the shower (crazy architect :P), so in order to save money (we are talking about serious bad financial year LOL) I choose to DIY myself. Look at the cute hanger for the tissue, isn’t it cute?(hahaha) all you need is only small hanger, ribbon to hang the roll and lil accessories to make it cute haha (I took this lil fish from my tofu plush haha..save money save money); pinky pinky duck which is inherit by the owner and a hanger for the hand-cloth - seems like it is very plain and boring, so I just put my bear up there :)

room04 - my messy cozy lil corner -

haha…here’s my place,my zone, my corner, my box, my whatever-u-want-to-name-it hehe…

Doraemon here and doraemon there…I love Doraemon (although it’s color is not yellow, need to complain to Fujiko F Fujio ;P) I failed to complete the twelve chinese horoscope’s doraemon from McDonald (poor me). I hang them on my window beside my bed along with my dora’s photo frame (got it on last X’mas). Put my most important people’s picture inside (mom and dad) and I also put my family pics and my super duper cute nephew pictures on my notice board…so I can see them everyday and everytime (feel like home although I’m far away from them T^T)

I love plush (something that I can cuddle while sleeping and have lots of them at my hometown). I bought some of them  here (cause they are too cute and cannot “tahan” so I bought them) and some of them I got them as a gift.

Let’s say that little tiger from xiao mei, she bought me this when I felt blur and down to cheer me up huhuh…she is so adorable… love u hehe, big tiger and lil pooh got them as my bday’s gift’08, German steiff bear from my best buddy, and much more hehe and mostly all the color are yellow – tat’s my fav color and they know it hehe…). One of them that I bought few months back is that yellow mushroom (“ mogu-head” - I called it – got this name from my Sydney’s fren haha..miss u beib).

fyen[8]Lastly my pinky lappie which has been accompanied me for almost two years…(should I betray it and change to macbook now hahah :P)


  1. YEap.... change to Mac book, Macbook is quite good, the loading time is always kinda short compared to windows....

    and there is also some very useful softwares inside as default such as : ichat (very useful, can do conference call etc.,)

    I haven't been able to really explore the Mac yet... too occupied with works (sigh*)

    Btw... it's a very cozy room ar :D

  2. Love the way you decorate it.. hahaha... i can't recall when have i ever done any decoration to my room hahaha... just plain simple hahaha....

  3. U know...it's quite pricey...haha...will buy it if something wrong with my lappie LOL :P
    Btw...don't u say that Macbook can't run pirated dvd LOL

  4. Yeah, but i think you can get it like around 1000 usd..

    Well, i tried to watch a pirated DVD, but the DVD room just doesn't want to read it, tried 10 DVDs and all are just unreadable.

    Still don't have much time playing around with the MAC sigh**


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