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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fashion Inspiration : Madame Hawke Spring Palette 2010

Designer Emily Miller-Sharma with her label Madame Hawke and the collection, titled simply Day, was inspired by the 1920's barnstormer; with aviator details mixed in with the lace prairie frocks and twenties-inspired tap pants. And I just heart all of them…a very simple design, elegant and love the soft color :D (Absolutely get inspiration from here :) Let’s look on their lookbook Spring 2010

madamehawkss2010l1 madamehawkss2010l2 madamehawkss2010l4 madamehawkss2010l5 madamehawkss2010l8 madamehawkss2010l12 madamehawkss2010l14 madamehawkss2010l18 madamehawkss2010l20 madamehawkss2010l22 madamehawkss2010l23 madamehawkss2010l29

fyen[8]For more pictures…

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