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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sharing : Unique concept in jail management and rehabilitation

Using a discipline and dancing as methods of rehabilitation is absolutely new and it only can be found in Cebu, Philippines which is called “Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre (CPDRC)”.  After  I saw the video of how they imitated “Michael Jackson, Thriler”, I’m just curious and want to know more bout the video and found out that all of them are people who are still in rehab program.
All I ever though that a rehab place is not a place that you can enjoy or maybe said that a jail is a place that no one want to go or let’s say that it is just like a “earth’s hell”.  But who ever though that this brilliant Byron Garcia came out to this super unique concept. Actually he can easily get a public comfortable  career as he is a son of former Cebu Governor. But still he chose to be with the thugs of the society, the dangerous men of society and even in a thankless and demeaning job.
01 I like the way he think about rehabilitation…
- Rehabilitation is not rehabilitation when it is anchored on punitive action. Byron believes that rehabilitation has to be anchored on compassion so that a sinner can be separated from the sin, so the degenerate from the culture and humanity be regenerated into the humane.
"Rehabilitation has to be anchored on bringing out the best in men instead of the worst in men", Byron says. Certain that his new concept of Rehabilitation in jails is effective,  Byron is confident that its impact would eventually spill over into a rehabilitated society. If rehabilitation is ineffective in jails, then any society into which hardened criminals are released and re-integrated, seals itself and closes in on its doom. "If we make jails a living hell for these inmates, then we might just be turning out devils once they are released" Byron says! -

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