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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to look good in pictures

No photogenic?? So many women who look gorgeous in person can’t take a good photo to save their lives.  Don’t fret – just learn to use makeup, body positioning, and flattering clothing to make the most of the light and the camera’s effects. Here’s a step by step guide to combating the camera’s cruelty: (WOW)

1. Define your eyebrows.

99% of girls I meet who’ve just had their makeup done by a makeup artist say, “He made my brows way too thick/dark!” Makeup artists know that brows always look wimpier in pictures than they do in real life. Don’t be afraid to fill yours in with some eyebrow powder and make them a little darker than their natural color. Use my guide on creating perfect brows for help.

2. Practice, practice and practice
Practice does make perfect. TIP: Spend a couple of hours having a friend or loved one take snaps of you with a digital camera so you can get immediate feedback on what looks hot and what…not. Put a big mirror on the wall so you’re not winging it “blind.” Once you find a pose that works, make it your trademark

3.Find your game face
This goes back to practising. Every time you’re in front of the mirror (alone hahah), test out some smiles and different head positions. Find the side of your face that flatters you more, so you can try to show that side to your photog for posed (non-candid) shots. Practice a natural-looking smile, as opposed to ye olde “Cheese!” grimace. Apparently, it’s all in the eyes, so go for the glow from there. Also, if you look slightly up at the camera, that’s a flattering angle for most women. Found the right look? Keep practising it whenever you pass the mirror, until it feels – and therefore will look – natural.

4. Contour
Contouring fights nearly all of the camera’s naughtiest features that make you look older, bloated, or tired. Here’s a rundown:
•Use our contouring guide for tips, but skip the shimmery highlighting – sparkly makeup creates strange texture and shadows in photographs, so save it for the club.
•While shimmer is a no-no, a minimal amount of shine is not. (Think dewy – too much will look sweaty.) An easy way to create the illusion of fuller lips is to wear a shiny lip gloss.
•If the flash will be on, use entirely matte makeup, and be sure to finish your face with powder. A natural glow in the mirror can ruin a picture taken with flash.
•If your nose always looks wide in photos,try to make it slimer using makeup.
•Avoid very dark eyeshadow shades, especially in black and white photos; they create unnatural shadows and make you look older >.<

5. Pose properly
Depending on the photograph’s setting and position, you’ll need to change your posture to create the optimal effect. Here are some simple guidelines:
•Practice your expression in front of the mirror first. Get used to how your facial muscles feel in the position you like best. (Go narcissist  :P)

•Make sure nothing feels strained when you smile; when the muscles aren’t relaxed, lines show up by your eyes and your smile looks forced.
•If you’re older and are worried about fine lines, consider taking the photo leaning back or lying down. The skin appears more taut and less wrinkled when the head is tilted back.
•To avoid red-eye, look slightly to the side of the camera instead of directly into it.
•If your nose tends to look large in pictures, tilt your head back slightly to make it appear smaller and shorter.

•For full-body shots try the classic Red Carpet Pose: angle your body three-quarters towards the camera, one shoulder closer towards the photographer, and one foot in front of the other and your weight on the back leg. A disarmingly natural smile will detract from the contrived element of this pose

•Try different poses such as jump jump jump ^^

6. Choose flattering clothing.
Here are some tips on the best fashion choices for pictures:
•Wear solid colors; patterns are visually confusing and nullify the flattering contours that clothing creates around your body.
•In general, darker colors are more slimming.
•Avoid a black top if you have black hair or a red shirt with red hair – the colors’ similarity will wash your skin out.
•These color rules apply to skin tone, too: If your skin has very yellow undertones, don’t wear yellow clothing; the same goes for wearing pink with ruddy skin.
So be proactive about purging your wardrobe of clothes in unflattering colours. Get rid of anything that’s not “your” hue, even if trendy, so you won’t leave the house wearing – and get snapped in – a sweater that makes you look jaundiced. When shopping, pick up pieces in colours that make the most of your features.
7. Look thinner

If you’re expecting to be photographed on a certain date or at a certain event, avoid carbs and water-retaining high-sodium foods, to avoid bloat. If you’re being shot full body, feel free to contract your abs to give the appearance of a sleeker midsection, but don’t aggressively suck in your gut, as your ribs will jut out, plus you’re more likely to look pained. If you’re being shot torso-up, tense your arms to give them more definition, as long as you can maintain a smile. If you can arrange for the camera to be a bit above you so you’re looking up, that’ll slim your face.

8. Look taller, if you need to

If you’re petite and are being shot with your tall friend, stand on something (seriously) or sit down together so you won’t look like a dwarf standing next to a gazelle. (Tat's me >.<)

9. Wear accessories such as sunglasses, bandana, hats, scraft, etc whatever you like to make you look different and sunglasses work best when you take an outdoor pictures.
Source : retwitted from beautybunny and canadian living

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