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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Myday: A night @ Singapore Fyler

Hello..seems like I haven’t posted for ages hahaha… :P Quite bz recently lol…DSC00614OK back to our topic…a night @ Singapore Flyer…I’ve got this awesome deal from deal.com.sg and bought the tickets for celebrating my bf’s bday. Actually I want to surprise him but end up I quite screwed it cause we were late and the way I lied just like crap hahaha (my bad). Eniwei, just hope he love it♥ 

 Singaporeflyer-fyen01 Singaporeflyer-fyen02

Never imagine that there’s no one using their deal on that day, well it was on weekday so who will come and enjoying  Singapore night scenery on tat time. And that’s good for us cause only two of us enjoying the Cocktail Capsule :D. It was just like we are booking the whole capsule hahaha… (tho I only pay half price from its actual price woohooo….)


Well first time for us riding on it so we never expect that the cocktail capsule is so nice and awesome…got ipod inside to play the music( and we even can choose songs from the playlist). And also a complimentary cocktail, lil snacking and wine glass for our souvenirs.

Other than that, it was  two round rides so we can enjoy the view twice, an hour riding time was like superb fast…we never expect it will end that fast cause we were just too busy taking pictures and it was just so fun…the whole capsules booked by us hahaha….Singaporeflyer-fyen03

                                                          fyen[8][8]   Happy bday my dear boy♥ 

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