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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mrs : The Diff of Singapore and Indonesia's Wedding

Finally, everything is done...
And would like to thanks especially our beloved parents, families and friends who support us to make them all happened :)

Having two weddings held in two different countries, we can experience and see the differences. Below is only my humble opinions so no offence :)

Singapore Medan
less than 20 tables more than 50 tables
No prof MC Prof MC
No prof WO Prof WO
Simple decoration on wed banquet hall Grand decoration on the wed banquet hall
Yam Seng 3 times with full support from the guests Yam Seng 1 time with no support from the guests
Will automatically stand up to welcome the groom n bride Will only stand up if being asked by the MC
Not a must have entertainment during wedding dinner Full of entertainment during wedding dinner
No lucky draw during wedding dinner Have lucky draw in order to make the guests stay until the end of the dinner
The guests will wear a casual or semi-formal The guests will wear like going to red carpet especially for ladies :D
Testimonials from their friends No testimonials or even have, no one will care to hear about it

And I'm so glad to have mine both in Singapore and Indonesia, as I can feel the warm and love from all our guests and also see the diff :P

Once again, no offences :D

Stage Decoration between Selecta Medan and Peony's Jade Singapore

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