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Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Ms to Mrs: Our Gatecrash Wedding Game

Haha...again I post a post-dated blog lol...but I really want to share with all of you my sweet wedding day. 
When our both Mama heard that we were going to have this kind of games, they kept remind us not to play it too harsh, make it fun by not embarrassing Mr.Ng and his friends. They don't like the way people play by asking the groom's wear bra, do some sex position, eat wombs and bla bla bla...n Yes all of us do agree with them so we kept if fun n healthy lol

First of all, lemme introduce our beautiful Bridesmaids and handsome Brothers
(Left to right : Ms.Mega , Ms.Yetty, Ms.Henny,Ms.Indah & Ms Phelini)

(Left to right : Harianto,Ripin,Foo TC, Serpoh & Wita)

Let's start the games

1. Entrance tickets
Groom and his brothers need to buy tickets in order to get into the lift. Mr.Ng said it was like early morning robbery lol due to the expensive tickets ahahahaha...
Entrance Tickets
In the process of negotiation
2. Yoga and cheerleader's pose (teamwork)
Pose 1: Cheerleader
Pose 1: Teamwork lol
Pose 1: They did it perfectly lol
Pose 2: Yoga

Pose 2: They DID it again haha
Pose 3: Monkey style? lol - FAILED
so they were being punished...
Waxing timeee... :P
3. Passing the facial tissue using their mouth

4. To unlock the second door, the Groom need to pay another angpao lol

5. Itadakimasu....
"Suan, Tian, Ku, La"(Sour, sweet, bitter and spicy)  symbolizes the different sorts of emotions a couple will go through together in their life journey :)

  • Appetizer : Sour - Whole lemon

  • Main Course: Spicy - Instant noodle with wasabi 
  • Dessert : Sweet - Cucumber with condensed milk + honey topping

Drink : Bitter - Bitter-gourd + Papaya leaf (healthy lol)

They did Yam-seng before drink the healthy juice lol
Hahah..Priceless lol 
6. Final stage: Life agreement :P

Mr Ng sealed the agreement with his sexy lips mark lol...

And Finally THEY DID IT :)
haha..look at his eyes... something like saying "I did it huh"lol
For all bride-to-be....happy preparation and njoy it...u will miss that moment one day hahaha... :D
Good Luck ~

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