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Monday, May 2, 2011

Recipe : Indonesian sweet pancake (martabak manis terang bulan)

Living outside our hometown, for sure we will miss our hometown foods especially its snacking such as martabak (pancakes/ crepes) manis (sweet). In Medan, you can choose either thin or thick pancakes. I love thin one better than thick, cause crispier n crunchy.

One day on our way to market for having our brunch, he suddenly said he was craving for martabak manis (Oooou…wat happen to u hunny?). So I made him one hahaha…although it was not made by expert martabak-man but at least I tried my best to fulfil his craving hehe…

martabak terang bulan


  • 250 gr all purpose flour (can substitute it with 230 gr flour + 20 gr tapioca flour to make the skin smoother)
  • 1 tsp instant yeast
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 375 cc warm coconut milk or milk
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 2 eggs
  • Fillings : sweet condensed milk, chocolate rice sprinkle, cheedar cheese, sugar, coarse ground peanuts, margarine ( n all of them are optional…put watever u love cause u are the boss :D heheh)


  1. Warm the coconut milk (or milk) in microwave for couples mins and mix it with the yeast, stir  well and set a side for 5 mins
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients and gradually pour the wet ingredients (milk +yeast) into the flour mixture, stir until well combine.
  3. Add in eggs one by one and keep stirring…stir stir stir…
  4. It is better to sit the mixture for 15 to 20 mins and cover it with warm damp cloth so the yeast can work to its best hehe
  5. Heat up the non stick pan and smear it with butter or margarine. Pour the mixture (stir it first before use) to the pan and cook for about 10 mins or until the the top full of holes. Put lil bit margarine/ butter and grease it on the top then sprinkle some sugar on it.
  6. Take out from the pan and feel free to put watever fillings you want on it. Fold into half and spread the outside skin with margarine again to make it shinny and make it looks more mouth watering :D
  7. Serve it warm en njoy fellas…



  1. Hua arrr!
    I,ve tried it but...
    kok be phong e?
    hasilnya ga kembang kayak ndi gambar arrr!
    Lu pake yeast yang ancua?

  2. Well basically tuh yeast dicampur ama susu hangat ma...jade i bisa lbh cepet berkembang n arus didiemin a....approx 10 mins
    and secondly tuh adonan + yeast sblm di masak juga arus didiemin a...approx 20 mins..
    u liat aja tuh adonan yg dijual ama abang2 kan didiemin di satu tong gt..makanya pas masak..ngembang banget..
    jade moral of the story : sabar ya nak....
    lol..jgn buru2 lsg mo masak tuh martabak manis haha :P

  3. Wa beli yeast instant yg meragukan hahaha
    mungkin memang yeast nya yg bermasalah
    kemaren bikin roti pita pun jadi bantet, ga kayak yg sebelumnya yg wa post di FB!
    Padahal mahal huhuhu

  4. WOW~I have no idea to say anything but just wanna to eat it!!

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  5. I'm going to try this recipe again! Monday is an off day for me and I wanna be relaxed but productive huehehe

    I got all the ingredients and I just hope that I'll still have extra time to spare (I am going to make Poh piah spring roll too!)


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