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Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Day: Macaroon workshop

Went for Macaroon workshop with my bf,Dz. At the first place, the workshop will teach us on how to bake good macaroon n bla bla... but unfortunately it didn't.
But what I love is the way Leona, Aii's tutor, share all her knowledge with us. A very good sharing knowledge from her and that's why I choose to attend her next snowskin mooncake workshop :D


  1. Hi I like your blog, I was searching through hello kitty cleansers, thanks so much for the review! where did you get the hyaluronic one? I've only seen it at one site but it was quite expensive :(

  2. Hi Diana...sorry for late reply...I don't sell it anymore...but u can try to find them in Guardian or Watson :D
    Hi Shinn Wei...yeah..love macaroon.. en try to make them again...but from what i learn is that we need to use super fine almond flour and it is super duper hard to find it in singapore since asian ppl dont like almond flavor..sigh


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