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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Day : Our second Valentine ♥

Happy Valentine Everyone♥♥♥
Hope all of you have a blissful Valentine Day either with your another half, family, friends or maybe by your own… Sit back, relax and enjoy the day :D
my 2012 valentineHere’s my 2012 Valentine…and it was our second Valentine and I’m looking forward more on it…*cross finger*
Supposedly to have a lovely yet romantic valentine dinner…but turned out a lovely yet romantic  valentine SUPPERRRRR >.<
Start eating at 10 plusss, and one of the waiter told us that they were experiencing a traffic jam in the kitchen at that time… Fortunately, I bought “Pocky” (as my valentine’s gift to him hahahahha…what a stingy yet mean girlfriend lol), and we ate it there… and of course it make other couples jealous of us hahaha….they kept staring at us, wondering is that a complimentary from the restaurant.Pocky salty
And here comes the food (finallyyy)….
Parsha menu valentine Bubbly ChampagneBissaraBakkuolaVeal cod fishmesskouta 
The food is quite nice but actually I expect more Moroccan dishes…fyen

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