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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Day: Welcoming Big Bear Bear

Hi, His name is Big Bear Bear…and he is being adopted by my bf for me :D

Name                                : Big Bear Bear (BB)

Date of Adopted             : 05 February 2012

Height                              : 1.8 m

Weight                             : Unknown (assume 80 kg :P)

Country of Origin           : Hong Kong

Ooppss…let me introduce that little bird…that’s Reddy angry bird, he is being adopted as my bday present from him. I think just because I love to scold, angry and throw unreason tantrum to him…so that’s why he gave me that…( Is it because whenever I get angry, my face will become that red and have a super nasty face like that little Reddy angry bird?haizzz…)

Big Bear Bear

To see how big he is…here’s the comparison with him hahahaha…. Big bear bearfyen[8][8]

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