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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Day: Instant, love, photograph, cute Polaroid. This is what I do with my Polaroid…

Hello Kitty Polaroid

We have instant noodle yet we have instant photograph, Polaroid. Polaroid photography was invented by an American inventor and physicist, Edwin Land. First Polaroid camera was being sold in Nov 1948. However, nowadays it is so “bombing”, everyone love it… grab one for yourself. For cheap polaroid film, please do contact me :)

Few things that what I can do with my polaroid:

  1. Instant souvenirs  polaroid
  2. Wallpaper/ decorations    ~ my roommate’s polaroid collections hahaha…and she really decors them very well…love it ♥
  3. Greetings cards ~ House-warming greeting card for our newly wed good fren :)Polaroid 
  4. Greetings cards ~ Farewell Good Luck Greetings Card for our “berader” (read:brother). I really love how we drew on each of the pics. Each reflects Singapore’s icon such as: MBS, Esplanade, Singapore’s flag(Majulah Singapore), Universal Studio Singapore(USS), Singapore Flyer, “Cute” Merlion, SMRT & SBS Transit, lastly Singapore Airlines.polaroid as greetings cards
  5. Last but not least,make them as one of your good, sweet yet lovely memory ♥

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