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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sharing: Discrimination

Discrimination Realize that discrimination nowadays are still blend well on our culture.  Are all of us being judged by our race? skin color? financial? gay? I believe no one want to be born in Africa or maybe war-countries, and of course everyone want to be born in a wealthy family. Seems like caste still exist nowadays..haiz…
Witness on how someone being treated unfair just make me thinks…”If I was him, will I be  treated like that?” , “ What will I do if I was being unfair?”
First scenario :
Being yelled just because the Indian worker don’t know how to fill his work pass properly
Second scenario:
Special treated just because he is an expat???
We are all the same, whether you are Billionaire, Westerner, Chinese, Actor, Gay, Indian, bla bla bla…when you die…you will bring nothing with you, nor your fame, your money or even your body…you will leave them all in this earthy life…all you can bring along is only your karma. So please try to treat, respect other people like what you want to be respect and treat.

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