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Friday, May 31, 2013

From Ms to Mrs: My DIY Wedding Table Number

Though it is quite late to post this but would like to share them with all of you especially bride-to-be

For bride-to-be, please please do enjoy these moments...the preparation moments...cause you will miss them one day (like me hahahah....) I miss those momentssss..sob...sob...

I don't know how to draw perfectly but I do admire a lot drawings from HJ Story. So I took his pictures and do some edit on them... Hope you guys love them and can at least give you a lil bit inspiration :D

PS: only work best for less than 25 wedding banquet tables..for more than that, don't waste your time to do it... focus to other things ( that's my opinion)
Table A: Adi is fangyen's superman
Table B: love is the Best medicine
Table C: Cuddling you is the best thing in the world

Table D: picking you up when you're Down
Table E: with you = Eat = fat

Table F: Fangyen is Mrs.ADI ( Absolutely Definitely Incredible)
Table G : love is the greatest Gift
Table H : love is suddenly forgetting How to talk
Table I : your love make me melt like Ice-cream
Table J : our Journey has just begun

Table K : one minute Kiss burns 26 calories

Table L: you bring Laughter to my life 
Table M : Adi Ng is Meat Lover
Table N : Adi is a Naked chef
Table O : love is being stubbOrn
Table P : love is comPlicated
Table Q : trust me without Questioning
Table R : love is two person Rowing the same boat
Table S: love is being Silly
Table T : love is tot be with you all the Time
Table U : love is sometimes Unfair

Table V : love is giVing
Here's some of the final products:

Enjoy.... :)
Feel free to contact me if you need the template :)

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