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Friday, May 31, 2013

From Ms to Mrs : Our very own Invitation Card

As usual, I have lots and lots of idea while talking about designing Wedding Invitation Card.
I did browse a lot... took this and that ideas...keypoh girl
Who don't want to have the most elegant yet the best Wedding Invitation Card? But girls, be realistic, it's only an announcement card, and think about it, "do we really need to spend that much just for the invitation card?" Remember, they will all end up in the rubbish bin from the cheapest invitation card to the most expensive invitation card. So does it worth? If yes, then go ahead. If not, do something with it.

Always remember : Marriage is much more important than wedding :)

Me like other bride-to-be always thinking of having the best, the most romantic n the most unforgettable wedding, so I must do the best while preparing it. Until my ex-bf (now my husband) showed me this... (again I'm not Muslim but yes I do agree with these sentences)

From that onwards, I always try to think twice while deciding anything... money n budget will be my first priority. I also heard from my HongKong friend that they have Wedding Loan over there. Means if you want to get married and short of money, you can take the loan from the bank or other institution. CRAZY?!? NO...IT'S REAL...

Just because of wanting a grand wedding, then take loan... so how about after wedding life - marriage life- ?!? *FAINT***

I think I talk to much, so lets move back to our main topic. Okay first my idea is having a rounded cheese wedding invitation card with 2 mouses , because both of us like cheese,yellow colour and we are rat in Chinese Zodiac. But after some discussion with the printing agent, I changed my mind and end up I just did a very simple one but yet it really reflects who we really are. I really satisfied with the result. Cause whenever my friends received the invitation card, the first thing come to their mouth is : "so cute and this is just so youuu"  ( Hehe...we did it...)

Here's some description: 
1. The boy is Adi n girl is me (of course -_-")
2. Pink Love Tree - We are building our own Love Family Tree with love color (pink as our background colour)
3. 2 little mice - that's us
4. Yellow border - We both love yellow colours

Inside the invitation cards, we have all the wedding details in 3 languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese lol...
I think everyone will wondering why we put our degree title in the invitation card...well..it is a very common in Indonesia and parents are proud of their children who can achieve or get that degree title so in order to "show-off" to their friends and fellas :)

Draft Invitation card

Our very own invitation card :)


  1. The Indian wedding cards give the guests all the necessary information about the wedding plans in brief. The time and venue details are mentioned on them. Some people get to know about the wedding through the cards only.bachelor party invitation

    1. Yeah... That's the main purpose of invitation card, but my main point is do we need to invest lots of money in making a grand n elegant invitation card? :D
      unless you hv lots of money and what you have all is only money then I will shut my mouth up :P


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