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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Day: Gelish Nail Art

Pampering myself againn yeay... I went to do manicure and pedicure at bugis liang siah street and this time I tried to do gelish manicure...
Being told that it can last up to three weeks with no chipping or fading...hmm...lets see how it goes anyway


  1. Hey fyen,

    I think every girl loves to do gelish manicure,including me.But my favorite color is the pink,it's also very beautiful,right?

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  2. Hi 1204233361 :P,
    haha..this is my first time doing the gelish thing..the problem is that when u want to remove them, u need to go back and pay for it (quite troublesome) haiz...
    so u always do one color gelish? I want to try other colors. Any recommendations other than pink??I do love pink..but want to try something newww hehe...

  3. fyen,

    Hmmm,yes,when I am free,I always love to doing the gelish thing in pink by myself and sometimes I also try on the white one.But,I think that the most important point is not the free time but that I should make sure I dont need to do housework in the following days,right?And then I can protect my beautiful nails well.Hehe.

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  4. Hi Rice,
    Wow...I cannot do my pedi meni myself...im super mess on that lol...that's why sometimes I ask my friend help me to do it for me or else pay for that and it cost pricey >.<


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