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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Day: 兄弟 (Xiong Di : berader) Rojak @ Clementi

Last saturday,we went for Badmintom at Clementi Sport Hall. As usual, always craving for bubble milk tea...so we went to Clementi mrt nearby and passed this rojak stall.

I saw the 油条(yóu tiá) sitting there...so tempting..slurp slurp… so we decided to go back after got our bubble OK tea.
Rojak2The uncles are superb nice, friendly en bla bla bla... Although so many people queuing there, they still serve all their customers with smile and damn polite (something rare in here:p). We ordered Sgd 3.50 rojak plus crispy cuttlefish Sgd 3 plus 2 tofu pok( each Sgd 0.70) hhahaha as you can see from our BIG plate lol...and that was our Saturday teatime breakk...

I love uncles' rojakkk....must try and definitely will go back if we are happen to play badminton in Clementi again.
It is located at Block 449 Clementi Ave3.


  1. I want some!!!
    I think it looks tastier than the one in Penang, but I am not sure if it can beat Binjai Amoy's Rujak :D
    will buy you some next time u r in town, dunno that u r a Rujak fans hahaha)
    I freaked out when I saw something that looked like squid that they put in the Rujak in Penang!

  2. I went there again last week hahaha...and met "weird" aunty there :P lol...
    I love rujak le...and miss Pasar Ramai rujak with lots lots of chilli and lots of variety of fruits inside.
    Singapore rujak only put cucumber, yam bean(bengkuang), pineapple and that's all for the fruits >.< ... anyway I still love Singapore rujak because of its ca kwe hahaha...
    I don't like have squid squid one...feels weird hahaha..eniwei u owe me rujak now haha:P


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