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Monday, July 11, 2011

MyProject: Playing with Icing Fondant

I was relaxing myself for a whole week and it was super fun,relax, no stress and real damn njoy my life after I experienced the worst time of my life for two months. And finally I am free...Thanks God...

Sleep like an owl, snore like a pig, free like a bird, lazy like I am hahaha...

On my free time, I played with my fondant...
Oreo New York Cheesecake with my lil fondant :D
DSC06303lil mushroom
Bee bee and Boy boy                                                       Lil mushroom  


  1. The Pigs look so cute!
    FYI, I am drawing some folktale involving pig and I am having huge problem drawing this animal.
    It has been one of the things that I find hardest to draw ever! Dunno why hahaha

  2. @hari-lol... i always love ur pictures that u draw hahaha...eniwei im going back next week yeay:)

    @Gabriel- hahahha thanks a lot,,,n they r too cute to be eaten:p


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